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Recent content by SDFox

  1. SDFox

    Add 1 character to melee

    Wario. He could be a fat puff Who would you want if they could have added one more character before release?
  2. SDFox

    Team Star Fox call in Krystal for Smash!

    Whats been the goings on in the community? I've stopped paying attention a year or two ago when some of us moved to discord.
  3. SDFox

    Team Star Fox call in Krystal for Smash!

    wow this thread is still going. I see a lot of new faces here as well.
  4. SDFox

    Projectiles.... balanced, not fun

    1. Balancing a game so it's fun to watch is a bad way to balance a game. 2. Are you suggesting that you want that entire play-style made unviable? Because that sounds like throwing the baby out with the bath water to me.
  5. SDFox

    who would win in a fight between 64 Pikachu, melee Fox, brawl Meta Knight, sm4sh Bayonetta or ultimate chrom

    ESAM made a good point for this topic, "If your discussing this you have to discuss what scenario they are battling, because if you are arguing melee fox vs sm4sh bayo, if bayo gets melee mechanics she would destroy fox." -ESAM This discussion is gonna be *really* hard to actually come to a...
  6. SDFox

    Is Smash Ultimate’s Roster Too Big for its Own Good?

    Melee's smaller cast of viable characters actually helped it's meta-game develop faster and to a higher level, as match ups becomes more and more complex every year. In addition competitively It can feel pretty impossible to prepare for all the match ups I may have to play against, so I don't...
  7. SDFox

    Smash Ultimate Deluxe?

    It not being an echo is fair enough, but it's the same dev time saving idea, I think it still should fit into the slot personally. and yeah my spelling ability isn't all that good, sorry.
  8. SDFox

    Smash Ultimate Deluxe?

    I envision Baby Mario&Luigi to be a combo echo character, taking the mechanic of controlling 2 characters from ice climbers but the move set from Mario and Luigi.
  9. SDFox

    Smash Ultimate Deluxe?

    This thread is discussing the idea of a potential Smash Ultimate Deluxe re-release either on Nintendo's next console or some time down the line after smash ultimate's DLC support ends.Now before I get comments about this, this thread is not about discussing the likelyhood of such a thing, as I...
  10. SDFox

    Nintendo vs Capcom FULL CONCEPT!!! 4.0!

    |\ _/|,,_____ ,~~` (. " .)~~ )`~}} \o/ \ /---~ \\ ~}} _// _// ~} -SDFox...
  11. SDFox

    Team Star Fox call in Krystal for Smash!

    All that can be said has been said. We know for a fact that the smash dev team is well aware of Krystal's popularity, there are several instances in smash ultimate of tributes to this fact. All that's left to do is to wait with hope and patience. That's the most respectful way to go on from...
  12. SDFox

    A gatekeeping FGC player copypasta for your viewing pleasure

    Nice, but too long and properly spaced. Doesnt look like a real rant.
  13. SDFox

    Who's Canonically the Strongest Character in Smash?

    So this is kinda iffy why I did this but: The pokemon trainer in smash is obviously Red (and green) from the original games. He uses the original starters and uses the fireRed design. As of gold and silver Red is the strongest trainer in all of Kanto. This is directly in cannon. Pokemon...
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