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  • yo dude

    i have a work msn but i'm usually busy lol since i'm at work

    my regular msn which i'm rarely on is scarssbm@hotmail.com, hit me up if i'm on

    otherwise i'll see you on bnet :)
    Haha, I have no idea why I'm always pranked, I've been wondering myself when it was gonna wear off. I've been here 9 months; I think I've been unpranked like one month, haha.
    Glad to hear that, Ive been seeing all the news of flooding and such...and well I'm glad that you are doing well though addicted to sc!
    If I can ever get down there I would take you on!
    (completely winning without knowing what I'm doing, awww yeah)

    dude that's the best thing you spammed on my profile yet! Damn its going to be hard to top that now :(
    oh man u got to watch this is amazing

    Yo, I don't ever use my MSN/AIM anymore, since Pidgin started pissing me off too much lol. I'm actually about to go take my last final exam in a minute, then I'm going home for break where I won't have my computer that's qualified to play SC2 until early January like, maybe the 3rd or 4th or something.
    tourney yesterday, lost sets. but won a few matches with Link.
    must get my wii working again ><
    What I loved the most about Wind Waker was you could hook up your game boy advance and do neat **** with the Tingle Tuner. I also like taking pictures of people. It had a little too much sailing and i wish they gave warps earlier on in the game but it was overall a really solid game.
    lmao @ below

    im going back to ssf4 because i just found out neither Juri or Bison made the cut for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I'm surprised... Akuma made it instead. Oh well.

    Today i started on my 3 heart Majoras Mask run on my wii because my actual cart wont work now :( . Well i cant say exactly but i will say i didnt get it through nintendo shop channel HINT HINT. The game was ****ed up lens of truth is glitched and doesnt work (should i make a vid on it? It's funny) you know the part when you have to climb up that wall on snowhead to get the Goron Mask? OMG IT WAS LIVING HELL WITHOUT WORKING LENS OF TRUTH. It took like a day of in game time with the slowed time song enabled. :mad:

    Bison tried to help me get through that part but he wound up getting pissed and kicking an innocent bystander:

    I did 3 heart run and no game overs with OOT for my N64.. the gold cart version. I never did master quest. I started a 3 heart run with Majoras Mask and oooooh mmmmyyyy goooood the Great Bay Temple Boss was so ****ing hard. And no,
    i couldnt do no game over because of how the mechanics worked lol. I died so many times i thought i was going to run out of time (it was final day) I was so burned out when i finally beat the boss i took a break. I mean it was the hardest part of the game so i felt like i beaten it already. But I think Majora is going to be even worse i only know how to beat him with the fierce diety mask lol
    Well Juri has a pink eye and i have a pink name... lol. Ugh **** that game though. Speaking of Juri they are changing her and Bison and so many other characters in the update. I just bought SSF4 like in July i didnt even have it for a year yet and i finally started to learn match ups and they gonna change everything up again with arcade release. Also the changes are kinda stupid and makes the game more causal. Im going to try marvel vs capcom. Maybe. Modern video games blow. I know for one thing imma do a 3 heart run on zelda master quest. Can't beat classics.
    Too old, Scabe, too old (22)

    My aunt already got me some clothes and two ds games Ive been wanting (SMT: Strange Journey and Dragon quest 9) So happy!

    I forgot its usually the next day when I talk to you :3
    Thank you so much for the well wishes <3
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