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  • Oh ok, I can play anytime this week, except not tomorrow evening, I have to work
    Riku00 is the biggest *** on the entire planet! sleeps with michael jackson, and chris crocker in the same bed....while he brags about how good he is at brawl. y dont u just shut your fricken mouth!!!!
    I have no idea what you mean by the wrong punctuation, but it's much more likely that whoever is in charge of Tournament Directors hasn't checked it yet. It's still holiday time, people are busy.
    You want to have our pro brawl tourney match. I've got you FC. Mine is 1075-2222-0869. I'll host play now.
    edit: YOU'VE LOGGED OUT:mad:
    Yeah thanks a bunch for all of the info, i have alot to learn about smash boards, and good luck in the tourney.
    Didn't Reo send you a PM?

    The tourny starts next week but the brackets are up now. The first round is 2 weeks (from when it starts and from then on it is one week. So we have 3 weeks to play our matches. If us and our next opponent finish early we can play the next round early.
    Here are the brackets: http://www.bracketmaker.com/tmenu.cfm?tid=303247

    I've got your FC from your about me.
    We're against each other in the pro brawl tourney. Be sure to join the group here
    My FC is 1075-2222-0869
    What's urs?
    its all good
    I was really unprepared that match lol
    but yes u r pretty good
    U better win that winners bracket now that u have beaten me lol
    I knew i shouldve used Bowser but my homie was screaming USE SNAKE
    lol but yeah lets rematch sometime
    Hey. Today doesn't work for a match because...well, it's Christmas.

    Tomorrow and practically every day after that works great.
    Well, after you make your title, you go to the box down below and type what you were going to type. Then you just click submit new thread. It's pretty easy.

    Does that answer what you were asking ???
    You wanna know how to make a tourney? I guess I could tell you a little. After clicking "New Thread (or New Post?)" at the top, there are key things you should put in your intro post. I say some of them are Rules, how to sign-up, and how the tournament will work. A few extra's could be what you expect on tournament day like with people telling you that they have come and just a brief intro about everything that will happen in the tourney and maybe even yourself.

    Does that help a little? There are some people who could probably help as well. :)
    Attention all "Show Me Ya Moves!" tournament goers: the tournament is still going on. I've noticed a lot of you have been active but not in the tournament. I realize I screwed up and pushed this back a week, and a lot of you probably don't care or feel up to it anymore. I understand.

    However, brackets are still up and some of your opponents are waiting. If you don't want to participate in the tournament anymore, please reply to ME or on the tournament thread that you are dropping out. Some of the members that wish to keep participating will deeply appreciate it.

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