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  • That was you I just played right? Well GG's. I bet you were kind of frustrated over GaW's dthrow -> dsmash but you can get out of it pretty easily, you just have to learn to tech :\. Other than that, not bad I'd just work on mindgames and being less predictable.
    Christian's rite i wouldn't agree!!! lol just cause you beat me one time!!! lol ya rite. neither of yall would either!!! :demon:

    Thats a pretty big word for you victor... meh my peach is beast now .. DEFENSE= **** WITH PEACH
    Attention all "Show Me Ya Moves!" tournament goers: Because I didn't make this go fast enough, it is now pushed back to next weekend. I don't know about anybody else, but I have Christmas break then, and think it is a great time for playing.

    If you can get your match out of the way before then, that's great, but don't pressure yourself. School and work have priority over Brawl. ^_-

    Happy Falconing!
    I'm not planning on using using my main on FD.
    I'll was going to use pika or snake, which do good on fd.
    Besides those two I hate FD with anyone.
    Battles get to spammy. Then one can get gimped.
    Well Its about time I got used to the field don'tcha think?
    You really had to spam there to win didn't you.
    XD You made the mast last 7 minutes. It was crazy.
    i counter pik battle field, that means if I lose i can pik next stage.....
    you ready? i can't brawl RIGHT now but if you wait til 4 pm central time i can
    Rofl I know 82 Damage .. DAAAAM ... lol Idk dude it was laggin really bad for me the 2nd life.... Sorry i had to get off my mom came home...
    (This is a mass message I have sent to every entrant)

    Greetings! I hope you have not forgotten about the "Show me ya moves!" Captain Falcon tournament.

    Though it was supposed to begin on Friday, brackets are up for those who want to get their matches done now. The brackets are located at the bottom of the OP, in a thumbnail. Simply click on it to see your opponent. If you don't do your matches early, you will not be penalized. I didn't want to force weekday matches onto anyone.

    I have also created an experimental XAT chatroom to log on to and make contacting opponents easier. I'm not sure how this will work out, but be sure to PM your opponent anyway.

    Please note: I would prefer if you did not post in the tournament thread saying "Hey (insert opponent here), where are you?" Just PM and use the chatroom. The tournament thread should only be used to report to me the results of a match or that somebody is not answering your PM.

    That being said, I wish the best of luck to everyone, and ask you to remember that this is for fun. There are no prizes. Happy Falconing!

    mm good luck to you too bro ... im in two tournaments at the moment.. a pro tournament i entered as peach =)
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