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  • I'm good. Learning to not leave myself open when plucking turnips lol. And I gotta cook soon too.
    Yes, but that really does not mean anything. We've never played. Judge me when we get to play, and I'll try my best to teach you a few things about Peach. :)

    Nextime I get online I'll have you added!
    What makes you think I'm a good Peach? I could be the worst one you played.

    But alright I'll add you.
    Well, i don't ever truly use Falco, i just use him for fun.

    And actually, it wasn't entirely lag's fault i filed @ recovery with Wario, i am pretty bad @ recovering, except just not THAT bad.

    Anyway, I rly don't like fighting Peaches cuz they aggravate me, and urs was kind of aggravating, but i guess that's what Peaches are supposed to do lol. But seriously, ur Peach was very good. I saw no flaws other than there were a few times u could have Fsmashed me instead of Dsmashed me.

    For ur Fox, it is actually not good to do standing lasers, lazering in air is much better. However, it doesn't prove as much of a difference in Fox as it does for Falco. Still, aerial lazers are the better choice.

    Ur Jiggz was really good too However, use B sparingly. It can be punished easily if shielded, or worse, powershielded.

    U may not think this is much of a critique, but i'm not good @ critiquing. Get @ me.
    GG's all in all though, had alot of fun!
    Sure, no hard feelings.

    btw, my eyes are feelin pretty heavy, so if i don't do as good as usual, i guess it may be my tiredness. Not trying to john or anything, just sayin.
    GG's If I could add my two cents in this I would say that you might need to shield more. Shield is alot more reliable than dodge roll. As for your Peach shes quite good, perhaps maybe more D-air its a great move. And finally dont be afraid to edgehog me.
    Heh, well I'm ready now I had to talk to a old friend (girl I really like...) over the phone. So currently Im felling pretty good! Perfect time for tests! Anyway, Ill boot up my wii and add you. You can host
    As of now to the end of the day ill be ready! Ill check back on this site regularly... say like every 15 mins so just stay on for a sec or two and ill be here.
    Im ready to try nao.
    Ill add your FC then ill host.
    But unless your connection is horrible like mine, im not guaranteeing a connection at all...
    Well, due to my friend not being online, im ready to try whenever you are..

    EDIT: Nevermind, he is on now...
    Well well well, We will try later, i gotta test someone trying to join my clan first:urg:
    Ill message you upon completion so we can try...
    well you're gone so i assume you're not ready right now. Can you write a visitor message for me and tell me to go on AIM when you are?
    yeah, im glad it would cleer up like 30 sec of the beginning of the match. lol yeah, i like using low tier characters, they help you think better in fights and you have to work harder, which makes it better cause I'll learn to play smarter. Right now from the low tier im using ike samus & link
    GGS man, those were pretty fun! I played aiku when you left still, about 5 matches, i won them all, last match i 3 stocked him with olimar :D

    Yo. you's wanna brawl? I'm trying to diversify my roster, since Kirby alone isn't getting the job done, right now I'm trying Pikachu and T.Link, so VM me when you get back from playing with Wiscus if you want to brawl.

    P.S. :088: FALCON LULZ :088:
    yeah, but ever since the LGM joke, everyone else hates me for whatever reason.

    I was considering deleting my brawl and re-hooking it to my router so I have a new FC and making a new account on the site.

    Lol, though I'm pretty sure yur stuck with the FC you get
    We need to Brawl sometime D:

    I want to face your Peach again for experience, and possibly to match the costume to whatever one I'll have the Dawn-texture hack set to XD
    Heyyy, if at all possible, try to get to the L.G.M. and greet our newest member (one of my friends in real life, lives down my street)
    Doing just fine, thanks for asking. I'd brawl you now, but I can't get on. If I'm lucky, I might be able to tonight.

    :088: Falcon lulz :088:
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