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  • It's been a while, hasn't it? I've actually been thinking a bit about mafia recently, but I've got a lot going on this semester, and I doubt I can really commit to a mafia game on top of everything. In three months or so though... maybe.
    Haha yeah that's true, one less exercise in risking my life for no reason. And yeah, I'm going home to work this upcoming weekend but maybe the one after that? I'm sure we can get Jon and maybe Janish to come with lol.

    Ohhhh crap, yeah I think Jon and I both forgot about that ;-; we haven't even registered the Video Gamers of UPenn this year. We'll have to get on that, think of some dates awhile for when you would like to hold a tournament.
    I know, I didn't realize hang gliding was so difficult to plan :( yes deff, we'll have to find a day that's good :)
    Hey Ran, I'll be V/LA this monday all day, could you help me handling the Buy Phase in HxH Mafia? Send me a PM if you have any doubt :O
    We can be Randull (Randall) the Cloud, or Barmaru, or the Great Bambino, or something ridiculous. Lets do it the next time we're both considering joining a game.

    Yea, I'll let you know when it works better. I expect I'm working a bit more so they can get me trained up more. Plus, we'll be coming out with a new product soon, and they expect business will explode. So I won't have a lot of free time.
    I'd be down for hydraing, but I'm pretty busy irl. That's why I had to quit HvH. =/
    Full time school, closing at work everyday except Tuesday and Sunday. It doesn't give me much time to get on at all. So it'd basically be you playing 95% of the time.
    Hey Ran, a friend of mine will join as replacement in HxH so he'll replace Tery. Thanks for all the help so far with the mafia!
    I was thinking of joining a new game. Might stay inactive for a while, though.

    There's no set 'recipe' for catching any player, especially tougher ones. Regardless of what we say, or let you think - any player feels pressure and heat if it's applied well. Personally I think mechanics are the surest way to catch some players, myself included. Although I was somewhat inactive and in a hydra, looking at

    The thing about mafia is that, theoretically, a perfectscum player can never be reliably caught, barring mechanics (and the long winded way of lynch by default i.e. they know every other player in the game can be read and they have read them as town, whereas they read this 'perfect scum player' as town ALSO but understand he is smart enough to be scum and playing well, I've been under threat of this a few times (not saying I'm perfect as scum of course) and the scum has to then frame others.


    Pressure. If you suspect someone enough, lynch them. Never forget lynch by default but do not underestimate other players causing the death of a town Swiss/Ryker/EE etc etc
    Played the absolute **** out of it as a kid. Could never get past Two-Face's attack on the circus though. One of the most bull**** hard games I have ever played in my life. Yeah let's make a beat 'em up where every fight is mortal kombat style MAKES SENSE
    They look stupid. Some townies will call scum on it.

    Personally I just think it's a waste of time.
    A Power Play is when a player posts or acts in a way which assumes authority over others in a game of mafia (to me it's also a useful way to tacitly implicate yourself as town). Most players should never do it.

    The difference in a persons perception of you, even if subconsciously, changes drastically from "Ranmaru, reads?" to "Ranmaru, reads." This is of course completely down to the player and is very subjective.
    Persona 3 is the best game to get started with. There isn't a canon storyline between games (besides P3/P4 which has allusions to both) so which one you start with doesn't really matter. P3 will give you the general feel and if you like it you can get into the other Shin Megami Tensei games.
    I believe I've heard of something similar actually, I'm open to new anime/magna so i'll give it a chance when I'm not splurging on whatever else I've got going on. You gotta promise to Play one of P3/P4 though :bee:
    He's from a Video Game, actually. There is a Magna adapation of P3 however if you're interested. I would suggest playing the game first however.
    I'm in BB and in Utrick'd. Can't commit to a third, as much as I would love to play it.
    Yea, you make sense. It's just a different playstyle. Btw we haven't played together in forever
    That makes sense, but i feel like it wouldn't work if a scum covered his tracks well like xonar or JB in gigabots
    But how does it work catching scum?

    Lol i wasn't allowed to answer in history class if no one else could
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