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Radori Nighthawk

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  • Actually between ChuDat, HAT, myself, and another guy G-regulate, that is 99% of the tournaments in this area.

    Hope you can make it out on saturday!
    I'm in Longmont, Colorado...That's like...where Smash goes to die...I have ONE friend here near my skill level. He mains Snake...so at least I get that MU...as well as a few others he plays (DDD, pika,Marf). Where do you live? Also, yeah...I second MK...Now that I go to tournaments, I actually have to play to win a little more...that includes being a **** with TL and well...playing MK...lol
    Hm. I don't plan on going out of state as I'm too young. 14. But maybe you could come over here for a tourney and I'll go then we'll Brawl.
    Well...the other day I saw a blimp! It was so cool! (J/k...maybe...)
    Honestly though, pretty great. Smash wise, my Tink has improved a LOT, as well as my MK. I have my license, making it a lot easier to attend tournaments. I can record matches in HD and I should have a Combo vid coming soon. Non-nerdy life, not as great, but still good. I had a few summer flings (with girls...) and getting a FaceBook account increased my social life tenfold. Also, Imma be a senior, so that's just awesome as it is... How about you?
    Don't underestimate me buddy, I'm some local Brawler, but I'm so good, I'm the best at school, I know all the matchups and I've mastered all of his useful ATs. I'm practically pro.
    Oh, well come on man, when I come back from DR I gotta Brawl you. I think I suck, but I've been told differently too. But I'm semi-decent with him IMHO cause...............IDK why.
    No? lol

    Currently I am playing:


    Dabble in:

    Tatsunoko vs Capcom (btw not knowing Japanese + using GCN controller makes me too lazy to learn this game because I don't know all the controls and I should get an arcade stick anyway =P)

    Will probably play:

    BlazBlue (although I don't have a 360 or PS3 >__>)
    Snake is really dumb but I feel he still deserves to belong to the scene. Maybe I would play the game again if MK was banned.

    However that realistically will never happen [the ban]. Banning MK would make the game bearable, but I don't think I would enjoy Brawl that much regardless since I've moved on to different fighters/Smash games.
    lol k

    2. It's a really boring game in my opinion (mostly because I don't play S tiers, so my fault), terribly balanced (All of S tier is MK, plus those who go even with MK and among themselves), game is way too forgiving to the defending character (it's bad enough that defense is so amazing in this game, but momentum canceling so Snake doesn't die until 200% is just pushing it, plus decay system makes characters like Jiggs or TL with hard-to-land, non spammable kill moves have to work harder).

    I just don't have fun with it, and I'm only slightly having fun if I win. I'd prefer a game where I can enjoy myself regardless of the outcome.

    So yeah, I'm playing Melee and Brawl+ right now.

    My reasons aren't exactly different from other peeps lol.
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