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    Should Hero be treated differently because this is a fighter?

    Hero's RNG is inherently different from item RNG, to the point where I am baffled people would even compare them. Hero is so much less random than items. Like, by several orders of magnitude. Items have THREE dimensions of randomness. 1. WHICH item spawns 2. WHERE the item spawns 3. WHEN the...
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    Byleth: Joins House Smash Brothers Social Thread

    Alright, I have an idea for him that's on the ambitious side, but if Hero of all characters happened then this might be possible. When choosing colors, you also choose one of the three houses. This has no gameplay effect, but the 8 students from it will help you in battle as part of your...
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    'Brave' New Character (datamined)

    So here's my thinking. It's gonna be Agnes. Main reasoning for Erdrick is leakers, which aren't 100% reliable even when they are 100% confident, which they aren't here She's the only one where the codename isn't a giant ****ing stretch As a mage-coded character, it makes sense they'd make her...
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    Vestal of Wind: Agnès Oblige for Smash Switch

    Honestly I'm starting to believe Agnes is the most likely for Brave. She fits the stats better than any of the other suggestions, the codename isn't a stretch for her like it is for just about every other option, and she's plenty relevant moving forward. I think this is just a case of not enough...
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    Vestal of Wind: Agnès Oblige for Smash Switch

    Please, fill me with the knowledge that will justify my bias.
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    Vestal of Wind: Agnès Oblige for Smash Switch

    I do think it is very likely that Erderich is the next rep. However, I'd say Agnes/any other Bravely rep is the second most likely, and I'd say they have double digit percentages of getting in. I'd definitely prefer them, too. Naturally, this would come alongside a new bravely game, which I'd...
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    Does anyone know if there's any in game distinction between ending on, say, 9.5 and raising to 9.9 after the boss versus beating the boss at 9.9?
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    How would you fix a series you feel is misrepresented?

    For the legend of zelda, I think a few things would need to happen. 1. Ganondorf needs to be reworked entirely to feel like, well, ganondorf. 2. Echo fighters for redundant characters would be added to represent more characters from the zelda lore. Impa as a sheik echo. Toon Zelda with...
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    What kind of solo mode DLC's would you want?

    It could be really cool if that was a feature of the stage builder thing. Like, you can make break the targets/board the platforms levels in stage builder and share them online. They might not even need to make more than a few official ones.
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Boss Rush would be too easy to add. Home Run would be cool too. I also think that randomizing the things they added in for spirit mode would make for a cool special orders mode.
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    Official Smash Ultimate Discussion

    Anyone else here hurting for a boss rush mode? I can't believe that wasn't added in. It would have been so easy.
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    What kind of solo mode DLC's would you want?

    Personally, I would absolutely adore to see more solo modes added as DLC. Not in the sense that I think that the current solo modes are particularly lacking (I actually find them to be fairly substantial compared to, say, smash 4), but I think there's a lot of negative space that Sakurai could...
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    Classic All star is kind of a letdown.

    Personally, I think it was a good call. All Star in Smash 4 was AWFUL. It was incredibly dull and was essentially multi man melee with extra steps, anyways. Here it actually feels like a meaty challenge due to the lack of breaks of healing items, but at the same time the 4-at-a-time nature...
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    Is there any way to replay boss fights at your leisure?

    Something like the boss fight mode in brawl. Like, what if I want to fight a boss with a character who usually can't face them in classic mode? Is there a way to do that besides the one-time fights in WoL that disappear?
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    The Issue with defining "Neutral" stages

    What you're doing here is exactly the process I outlined as my second suggestion, though you might not realize it. The decision of whether it's a disadvantage or an advantage is completely arbitrary either way, you are simply choosing to have the more common result as a baseline for convenience...
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