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  • We are really getting a direct tomorrow! It's been so long, that was the longest Nintendo news drought ever since, Iwata passed away!
    I think the fact that were getting an Indies showcase, means that were going to get get a general direct sometime soon. Those usually follow well after as of recently. It might not be this month but I can see it being early February now!
    It’s Christmas!!

    To all my lovely friends, fans and family, enjoy this wondrous holiday with the people you love! Enjoy the food, the company, the presents and the lovely holiday spirit! Play lots of Smash with them as well because MAJOR props to those who waited until today to finally play this game! Hope you all have a great time!
    Merry Christmas Eve everybody!

    If you have to travel tonight, hope that you are safe and sound till you reach your destination! I hope you all have a great Christmas and Happy Holidays!
    I haven't been in a Smash speculation scene like this where so many theories have been made up:

    Box Theory
    Blog Theory
    Music Theory
    Card Theory

    Now there's something called "Avatar/Icon Theory" to prove Rex or something. Some of you just need to need to get a grip!
    At this point, when it comes to later DLC, I'm not believing anyone's ****. I do think we are getting another Square character as Verge said, and maybe a Microsoft and a Bandai character other than that, my guesses are who knows what the other two characters left could be. Even Vergeben is falling through the cracks, and I don't think he knows anything else, beyond the Square character. Not to mention, he's been too quiet. Unless he says the character upfront, I'm not putting much stock on anything else he says for the later DLC. That's basically where I'm at with DLC, currently.
    Yeah, I don't see us getting a second direct in November, besides the month is almost over. Unless, it's a surprise mini direct with smaller titles to look out for during the holidays, that'd be fine. I don't see us getting a full big one till December.
    SUDOZELDA SUDOZELDA I'm talking about a GENERAL Nintendo Direct, not a Smash focused one. Of course we aren't going to get another one, I didn't even mention Smash here.

    Maybe I should've been more specific.
    Ah, okay. Yea, i thought you were talking Smash since you are on Smashboards. Its all good.
    SUDOZELDA SUDOZELDA No, you're fine, I can see why you could make that assumption, considering where we are. It's okay, we all make mistakes.
    Wow, people are really ****ting on Square. You people are just now realizing how stingy Square are with their properties?!

    Maybe it’s because I’ve played their games and know that they’ve always moved like that, but cut them some slack. They’ve always been this way, this REALLY shouldn’t be a surprise to you people. Start paying attention more to other companies, not just Nintendo!
    Q-Long Q-Long Okay and, Capcom always had bad DLC practices. I'm not saying you shouldn't complain about it, I'm just saying that people shouldn't be this surprised about how Square is with their properties. I always thought that was the reason as to why they never made into Smash before for the longest time up until Smash 4.
    Oh I misinterpreted what you said. I thought you met "they have always done it, so its justified". But you met "Why are you all so surprised?"
    Q-Long Q-Long, no your okay, and yeah you're right, I'm just surprised by the reaction that people have been giving Square. Maybe it's because I'm used to the pain that whatever Square does, just don't bother me that much anymore, at least compared to the rest of the fanbase.

    Them holding Cloud back from the base roster for DLC again
    Reaction from me: "Yep, that sounds like something they'd do." Don't care honestly.
    The game is getting datamined and it’s leaking like crazy! If you don’t want to be spoiled hide yourself from the Internet for a while!
    Someone actually bought up the possibility of Geno being revealed at the VGA's. In what century, would Square or even Nintendo for that matter WOULD bring an obscure character reveal like that for the masses, that only Smash/Nintendo fans only know of? You dear hopefulls, bless your souls.
    Also guys, I'm on a new account, follow me on @AshNic321! This account for me just seem old and outdated. Ignore this account!

    Scratch that account, I'm back I've found my old password and ready for the road of DLC!
    Hey, I'm back and it's been like 2 years. With a new Smash game on the horizon, now it's the best time to come back again!
    We finally got a release date on the broadcast, I am so hyped and way too excited and speculation can be officially over!
    So Super Mario Maker is ahsjsjdhdhd......OH MY GOD.....this game is so much freakin' fun! Why didn't you do this years ago Nintendo?
    Ladies and gentlemen the hype train is coming once again. E3 is coming. Please be ready for Sakurai to drop some bombshells.
    Can't E3 come any quicker like please? I want more Smash news can' And it's official Smash consumed my life.
    Hey there, question. Sorry if I was being too dumb to noticed at first, but did you wanted me to do the same thing I did for Manic Rykker with the sig character support for yours as well? Sorry in advance. If you do, let me know.
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