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  • I have to play you for something, which you probably vm'd me of, but never got back to. How about tomorrow?
    Sorry I had so many matches. I had to win them, no? (Which I did. :chuckle:)

    Still on the xat for a little while longer.
    Alrighty thanks.

    I'm asking cause I don't have a SD card slot on my computer either. The way I do it is put the SD card on your camera and then view the SD card on the camera from the computer.

    Computer > Camera > SD card

    So the camera acts like an SD card slot lol.

    Definately can. That's what most of the HORs do anyway. I can't turn on my Wii atm (it's 2.36am lol) but here's my Wii number 3938 6801 7662 7711.

    I'll add yours tommorow. edit: Actually, it's not on your profile o.o

    And btw, do you have a digital camera that uses SD cards?

    Hope so!

    I hope to see King K.Rool as a bada** again.

    Anyway suppertime, gotta go.
    I like DK games too!

    Speaking of which, can't wait for Donkey Kong Country Returns! However, it does kinda look like a copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    I chose the path of the knight ever since i got brawl.

    Back in 2006 or so when i heard there was a new brawl with meta-knight as a playable character i drooled over the computer. Meta-knight is one of my absolute favorite videogame characters. However i didn't expect him to be top tier. I also didn't expect him to be hated -.-
    Rly? i still think i spammed. Oh well, i guess it's hard to avoid that when u main mk :p

    Nice matches. I was seriously scared i was gonna lose. Keep up them DK skillz!
    Alright, unless u brawl me now, we won't be able to brawl. I'm going to get online and i'll be waiting with a room. If i'm not there that means u were too late to catch me, and if that does happen, u may have the win. Try to brawl me though.
    Well i'm Central Time so for me that would be about 3:00 this afternoon.
    Alright, i'll be ready for the tournament match whenever you are.

    My cp is Brinstar and i would like the Neutral to be Smashville. If u have a problem with that just tell me and we'll stage strike it over.
    When you said you were inebriated, did you mean to the point where it hindered your playing?
    I think I did well, but if you weren't at your best, I just can't shake the feeling that those wins were undeserved.
    Yeah haha
    I LOVE his super armor.

    I liked your use of DK's grounded up b's and you spaced those b-reversed Donkey punches really well. I gotta work on that.

    Anyways, we should play each other again sometime. I don't play wifi often, but you know, hit me up whenever and I'll most likely play if I'm not busy or at work etc.
    DK dittos are more fun than most lol
    Thanks :p

    Actually I started using him this month O__o
    He's so fun and I kinda want to main him but I'm not sure yet.
    Peach and Luigi are my mains and you did really well against them. Didn't realize DK could be so tough to face. I usually don't fight them often.
    Dude, your DK rocks!

    It was fun and I got some great DK practice.
    I wasn't expecting to play that long haha
    The same one i always have, unless you deleted it again XD

    You able to Xat?
    Yeah, my normal connection is total trash, and lags til god knows when x.x
    But ok, tomorrow i'll try for.
    My friend was leaving for soccer practice the moment i got there. He said we should be able to have it tomorrow.
    I've got to walk to my friend's house to see if he's there. I'll be back in about 10 minutes.
    Slader is next for the HOR Interview. PM me your questions of whatever you want to know about him!

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