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  • lol Xelic is my bff, he taught me Peach

    1.5 hours isn't that far, I'm from Texas and that's how far I have to go to get competition, if they'd be up for it. Plus the lack of setups means I didn't get to play people at Genesis :(

    My cell is 817-996-9227, so if you see any random Texas number don't ignore it, lol
    Well all I heard was this hype about this aggressive Peach and then you hopped around Battlefield :(

    I'm here until next Tuesday, probably busy all day Wednesday though. Is there any fest planned for this coming weekend or is everyone smashed out?
    Yo, I'm in Davis for a week. I'll teach you how to ditto like a man/Texan.
    yo paul this is phil again, just woundering about smash meets, of btw i can host tourneys now, weekly ones i got a card shop willing to let me host video game tourneys there we are doing it on mondays i think not sure trying to get it on thurs but their is some problem, well we are having on today so come down to the store it's called droms comics and cards, you can find directions on davis wiki if u want
    Hey paul, I have a question. I remember a while back you told me don't let smash take over school cause I'm at a UC, schools important, etc (and I think it happened to you). Well that might be happening. Any advice you have so that I can still get a fill of smash but not let my school work suffer would be great.

    One big part is I'll get on the boards and all of a sudden it's an hour or two later. Another is I've started watching smash videos and whenever I see a peach ****, I want to watch more. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh, idk, I just seem to spend too much time on smash stuff when I have homework... like now.
    hey pink shinobi you should come to MN presents: A reason to come to Minnesota it's on May23rd-May24 there are some good smashers who are going to be there, and I know you have a good shot at winning. There is a post up for it under tournament listings.
    hey Paul was wondering when the next smash meet is, sorry i was out of contact for a while, well me and my to smash friends are dying to get some matches in, plz message me back with the next time you meet, latz phil
    whatsup paul. if ur really coming on thursday, give me a call at 209-623-7924 and we can arrange plans and stuff.

    meep, mexican, darkmike, and probably D.P. will also be at my house to smash too if u come
    >_< Zoap msged me to see if I need a ride, and he never got back to me. Zhu asked me three weeks ago though...I don't wanna bail out on Zhu...
    How are u getting there? and Wanna team there to practice for Genesis? Ill tell Phil ill team with u instead because we need some practice =D
    Hey this is Phil From the smash group in Davis, i was wondering when the next smash meet is going to be, also i got the go ahead to run some tourneys in a local card shop so that is going to get started soon tell the group for me if you can. if you can post ur cell , mine is 530 400 2861
    Its hard to get a hold of u... Iono if Vanessa asked for me but yea. Team with me at Genesis?
    you mean you might not go?!
    i NEED you there! lol
    yeah i wanna go. if you tell me you're going, that will push me to want to go even more.
    yes yes, we all know you love me. lol
    do you have big plans for genesis?
    i want an honest answer, ok?
    none of that modest/humble crap!
    I absoloutely love your Peach. Very entertaining to watch. There's a thread about your Peach on the Peach boards incase you didn't know already.
    Good **** against Mango too, but I'd recommend less turnip on shield to regrabbing the turnip because he consistently read it and F Aired you.
    You remind me of a less crazy XIF, which is good lol.
    Hey Paul! I'm going to a tournament in Norcal! ^ ^

    DBR Genesis in July, are you going? If you are, let's do another money match.
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