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  • come smash!! (MANTECA CA) NOVEMBER 30TTH

    Get ready to smash your way to the top:
    work your way up the ladder with an ally or solo, in a singles
    plus doubles event... 1st - 2nd and 3rd place winner will not
    leave empty handed...
    play hard and win big!!
    Were hoping to give out 100$ cash to the first place winner.
    My name is Matt. There is a lot of stuff near NYC/NJ/Philly area, but I was about 4 to 6 hours away from all of those lol. So yeah, if you're free sometime you could get a hold of me.

    Edit: accidentally posted this on my own wall.
    I just moved to riverside from upstate NY because my girlfriend live here, so I'm looking for people who want to play melee. I'm not very good, but working on getting better. I only recently started going to tournaments because the area I lived in had no competitive scene where as out here there's a lot going on. I live about a 25 minute walk from campus.
    haha eyo im thinkin about commin to the Davis area soon for some FUJIs, if im your area, you down to smash? btw its steven the lame samus player XD
    John accidentally took your silver controller. Do you need it right away? We can go back up to Stockton again soon.
    dude call me when you get this man. you gotta com to AR's bday trip.
    559 314 4435
    sup baller!!! its Babr from fresno at dunskies house. dude call me 2badSosad from now on cuz u cant ****in pronounce Babr at all lol
    I'm not really free until Thursday evening. My last final ends at 5pm. And it takes about 2 hours to get to Stockton. I would be down to play at ur place.

    Your Fox would be good practice before Mango Juice.
    ooOoO is this like our own private message board or something... coool lol

    hi drgn i miss you. lets play smash friendlies ok i got really good and stuff
    oh rly? cool, i play dat game too i hear their ar a lot of good players at it.

    ...lol. dude it's too bad you couldn't come to Axis, we had some good WC players relaxin' with Melee friendlies for a while; including Jeff & Eggz. it was pretty cool.
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