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  • absolutely. badass games. ive been trying to get ready for a tourny over here in texas, i keep working on my marth, but i think my fox is the one i should use anyway. eitherway, ill surely pm you, seriously intense.
    Hey sorry I couldn't brawl you in that tourney. But I swear I said I was dropping out. I thought cba got my message. Anyways sorry if I caused you any frustration or anything :)
    Okay, I can do it right now, my counter pick is smashville, whats yours? I'm gonna go add you
    hey mate im sooo sorry could we fight tomorow just my mum threw my wii out of the window because she was really drunk.... so it works just need to get some new controlers so we fight tomorow? again im sorry if i missed it just ive had lots of problems atm (iternet decided to stop working) so tomorow ok for you?
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