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Recent content by nshoes

  1. nshoes

    I'm confused, don't know how to practice. Here's why.

    Um, they actually are. If your goal is to git gud then playing against an opponent that doesn't play like a human AT ALL is the worst way to practice. The only CPU training I'd allow is if you are just starting out. If you can beat a level 6 CPU, you can play online. The input lag online does...
  2. nshoes

    A Challenger Approaches: Episode 1

    Let me know if you ever come to Southern Washington state!
  3. nshoes

    Buff Sheik!

    The journey is 100% worth it! Keep at it.
  4. nshoes

    Forces Collide at CEO

    Great writeup! Stoked for CEO this year, hoping Sparg0 places well, his Cloud is insane. As an aside, can you DM me Barnard? I am a web/app developer and want to do a data visualization app or something along those lines for Smash, but have not been sure who to talk to. You seem like a good...
  5. nshoes

    What is your favorite move in Ultimate?

    Uh, what is that? :cyclops:
  6. nshoes

    What is your favorite move in Ultimate?

    Sheik's bouncing fish. Its got flair, takes skill to use and setup correctly, and is SO satisfying. Runner up is Gannondorf's dair. The ultimate middle finger offstage.
  7. nshoes

    Practicing offline

    I'd take the online plunge. I did near the same time where you're at now, and it was worth it. Got worked for a bit and learned the hard way. Coming back to level 9 CPU's now being decent at the game is interesting. No matter what character you fight against, it feels like you're playing...
  8. nshoes

    If I had a nickel every time...

    ... I accidentally neutral B instead down B to recover, after burning my jump, thus killing myself as Sheik, I'd have a lot of nickels. Your turn!
  9. nshoes

    Unpopular Smash Ultimate Opinions! - Read the OP before Posting

    No worries my man. I also agree with you on that. Snake is strong and that's fine. People need to learn the matchup and stop whining.
  10. nshoes

    Unpopular Smash Ultimate Opinions! - Read the OP before Posting

    Is the topic of discussion not “Unpopular Smash 5 Opinions?” :P
  11. nshoes

    Sheik Guide on Kill Options

    @Windfall I labbed this for about 30 seconds before work this morning hehe. I tested on Battlefield. The mechanics are very similar to the video you linked to. There is a section of the side of the state, a little bit below the edge and above the bottom of the screen. If you BF on those...
  12. nshoes

    Sheik Guide on Kill Options

    Just B. What changes is the timing of the attack. For lower percent forward throws -> BF, you want to DI in and hit special again right after BF so you can get the hitbox out asap. That's exactly what that is. I haven't labbed it enough to the specifics of where and why, but with you asking...
  13. nshoes

    IDEA: Character Playerbase Tier List

    I'm a web developer and super into this idea. How would level and concentration of skill be calculated? By results?
  14. nshoes

    Too much gsp decrease per loss

    Oh I misunderstood. It would take a lot of games to get from 75k - 90k. It took me an afternoon to get from 90-95k.
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