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Recent content by Nona

  1. Nona


    Same reason I like Mei! It's incredibly satisfying to do. --- For healer/support I really like Lucio's gimmick, it reminds me of my Bard in FFXIV, being able to speed people up and heal (well... Bards heal MP instead) with the power of music. Plus his design is pretty cool, he looks like he...
  2. Nona

    If every character could have one more outfit what would you want?

    :4palutena: Anything other than green hair. Anything :4corrinf: No Aqua alt why :4bowserjr: JUST Koopalings? We need some actual alternate colors :/ :4jigglypuff: I miss the crown alt. :4pikachu: Maybe girl Pikachu with the heart tail? Like Pikachu Libre (tho knowing Sakurai he'd probably just...
  3. Nona

    What is your gamertag and how did you get it?

    Nona was the name I gave my Corrin for FE:Fates. It just kinda rang in my head and I thought it sounded nice. Later on, I google it and learn it's also the name of the Roman equivalent of Clotho, one of the three Fates in Greek mythology, which turned out to be fitting. As a prefix it means...
  4. Nona

    Celebrites You've Met

    oops ignore this, pls
  5. Nona

    Celebrites You've Met

    I suppose they're more German celebrities, but I've met John Barrie **** and Christopher Jost of Dyko (IS ALLES IN ORDNUNG?), and Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk member) while the trio were performing at my school (German language class ftw). After the show we had some time to hang out with them...
  6. Nona

    List of favorite to least favorite characters to play as

    I've been told I need to expand my character horizons, but I want to have fun more than I want to learn characters I don't enjoy playing as.
  7. Nona

    To all stream commentators:

    Maybe I've missed the insults or I'm just oblivious. Do you know who in particular is doing this (are we allowed to namedrop), or can you link an example?
  8. Nona

    Which videogame music makes you feel nostalgic?

    Pokemon Yellow was my first Pokemon game, given to me along with a GameBoy Color after I lost my first tooth when I was 6. I remember writing a letter to the tooth fairy asking for a GBC with Pokemon Red (quarters were not good enough for me apparently) The intro song really captures my...
  9. Nona

    Powerpuff Girls Reboot: Like or Dislike?

    I'm gonna type very unorganized thoughts based on my feelings of the show. I'm doing my best to keep an open mind with it. PPG 2016 is very hit-or-miss with every scene and episode I've watched so far. I enjoyed The Stayover/The Hangover parody episode but the splash screens got on my nerves...
  10. Nona

    the hunger pains strike

    the hunger pains strike
  11. Nona


  12. Nona

    Why did you choose your profile pic that you have now?

    say what jk Candice is really cute tbh, her and Gardenia are my favorite Sinnoh leaders I choose Sabrina because... she's cool, and has an attractive, simple design. She's also a goldmine for nice fanart and also a BAMF in Adventures.
  13. Nona

    Will you buy the NX?

    Perhaps not on launch unless my family pulls out the stops and snags one for the holidays. In the faaar future, it's probably going to happen. I usually end up buying Nintendo consoles at the end of the day
  14. Nona

    Pokkén Tournament Who do you main?

    Gardevoir and Chandelure because I love the Pokemon and their playstyles~ Braixen I like to play for fun cause she's really cute and sassy; I didn't care much for the Pokemon until this game tbh. With Gardevoir I haven't found the support set, but I like to use Ninetales/Mismagius since...
  15. Nona

    Your Least Favorite Foods

    ^ this, pickles are the devil Can't even start chewing before the gag reflex kicks in. And don't you dare tell me to just "remove the pickles" if they get the order wrong! The pickle juice taints it! I'm also not fond of avocados and papayas. The texture of avocado doesn't sit well with me and...
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