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Recent content by N00B64

  1. N00B64

    A little problem with Project M

    I'm pretty sure the ProjectM launcher reads the the necessary files from the SD card, not the USB stick. If you want to use a USBstick you might be able to use the old method of gekko and setting its device to USB (though I don't believe that works either), or go full ham and load projectM by...
  2. N00B64

    Squirtleboards are dead. Go to r/20SS

    the problem with reddit is that the way threads are organized is terrible, and people make multiple threads regarding the exact same topics
  3. N00B64

    SD Remix - 3.3 Full with Slippi Rollback Released!

    Thank you so much!
  4. N00B64

    Vayseth's Voyage: Japan's Love of Team Tournaments

    tfw you will never be good enough to be part of a crew and get crewbattle tournies going
  5. N00B64

    Any Charizard specific tech?

    if your back is to the ledge you can also just hit backward and downward (tilting). this works for everycharacter to snap to ledge, with the angle being slightly different, but it is safer then wavedash back when you literally have no space to wavedash backward
  6. N00B64

    Why is Puff lower tier in Project M?

    something super important that doesn't seem to be mentioned. melee had 2 stages that were considered small and decent couterpicks against puff (yoshi's and fountain). project M has yoshi's still (depending on region), fountain, greenhill, warioland, and even PS2 has a low ceiling with small...
  7. N00B64

    SD Remix - 3.3 Full with Slippi Rollback Released!

    do you guys have any sort of list of cheats that were added into the start.dol that aren't present in the meleecodemanager? I'm trying to the menu from the melee netplay community build into SD remix, but the only way to have the files matchup correctly is with the start.dol from the community...
  8. N00B64

    Replace Stages with another stages skin?

    at least as an example of what I need to change in order to correct something, yes. I want to re arrange what stages are what on the stage select screen of the community netplay build. when using this stage select screen with SD remix (while keeping the netplay community build's stages)...
  9. N00B64

    Replace Stages with another stages skin?

    hi, I have a question regarding the opposite end of OP's issue. Say I have a mod that changed the stage select screen to be entirely different (specifically the melee netplay community build), and I wanted to change what stages are in the slots that are presented for the sake of having a...
  10. N00B64

    SD Remix - 3.3 Full with Slippi Rollback Released!

    Edit: never mind, figured out my issue. thanks for the hard work you've put into making this project, its really fun.
  11. N00B64

    BrawlEX+PM Template V.0.2 + Clone Guide

    thanks for all the hard work!
  12. N00B64

    BrawlEX+PM Template V.0.2 + Clone Guide

    mines like that too, only it has no icons at all. added the CSS codes to the anther's ladder build on dolphin. I hate being ******** at this sorta stuff.
  13. N00B64

    Guide 3.6 Match-Up Thread

    images broken for anyone else?
  14. N00B64

    P:M Plug+Play .RELs (Module Files) Want to Port Ridley? Come here!/Modding FAQ

    would also be nice to know how to switch his stock icon location. he has 5 of them waiting to be used but every costume leads back to "?" instead
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