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Recent content by Mr Postman

  1. Mr Postman

    Dealing with FoD?

    I've heard that shield dropping helps a lot so learning that could be super beneficial. Also I wonder if theres some information somewhere on the possible platform heights, I'd really like to look into that because these things mess me up a lil too much. But yeah I think the stage probably isn't...
  2. Mr Postman

    Social C. Falcon Social

    Haha I like it! Yeah I think that the conclusion Ive come to is to just not deal with it. Top platform sounds real good.
  3. Mr Postman

    Social C. Falcon Social

    Hi Falcon boys n girls! Me vs Puff crouching under FoD platforms or just crouching in general. What are my options and what are hers in this situation? What do you guys think are some good options to counter this? ThnGX
  4. Mr Postman

    Data Luigi Hitboxes and Frame Data

    Yeah we need AirDodge, SpotDodge, and both Rolls please.
  5. Mr Postman

    Data Falco Hitboxes and Frame Data

    Are there hitboxes anywhere for his Ledge Attacks and Getup Attacks??? If anyone could link me to something that would be amazing. thnx
  6. Mr Postman

    Marth tech skill and matchups

    Pewpewu has a really good series going on YouTube. So far its been mostly basic movement and stuff but its all really solid and hes good at explaining everything. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeYF2Hikh9LhQAZhrcXGNUg
  7. Mr Postman

    Q&A Official FAQ and QnA Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    Thanks a bunch, man! I have another question for the boys. What percent does Fox have to be at before he can wall-tech? I know this might be very situational but I'm mostly looking at it from a edge-guarding Marth's point of view. Like what percent would he have to be at to tech a Bair, Fair or...
  8. Mr Postman

    Q&A Official FAQ and QnA Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    Does anyone have the frame data for ledge intangibility? Trying to understand ledge stalling a little better.
  9. Mr Postman

    Data COMPLETE: Fox Hitboxes and Frame Data

    Does anyone have the frames of fox's tech roll and tech in place? Maybe even missed tech?
  10. Mr Postman

    Data COMPLETE: Marth Hitboxes and Frame Data

    How many frames does the shield breaker last if you just tap b?
  11. Mr Postman

    Q&A Official FAQ and QnA Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    Hey guys, I'm looking for power shield frame data and info on all characters tech roll lengths. Wondering if maybe one of you could help me out or link me to something juicy. Thnx
  12. Mr Postman

    Social C. Falcon Social

    Could i get some advice vs peach? im not necessarily a complete noob at this game but i do have very little experience in this MU. so probably anything will help! :)
  13. Mr Postman

    Oregon PR! updated 10/17/2014

    Thank you! HAHA, I miss you guys,too! oh, and I might end up going to Ryan's tournament! :)
  14. Mr Postman

    Oregon PR! updated 10/17/2014

    where do i go on the pr? ;)
  15. Mr Postman

    The New Super Awesome Oregon Home Thread!!! :D

    i wear glasses
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