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  • Yo, I'm not in lakeland anymore. CmRoddy is in lakeland if you want to play melee. But from the looks of your info you look like a brawl player. Not to mention Roddy almost never visits SWF anymore. If you do want to play with him I could contact him for you. 'Kay
    ...when u get BETTER online ima beat dat a$$...lol jk but realy .....i will be the one to take u down.
    Yo. I got online again. . .finally. But I play Tatsunoko vs Capcom a lot now...just to tell you. Give me your Wii # & Brawl Friend code though.
    xDD good you are asking^^
    yeahh the reason why i havn't finished it yet is becuase i just don't have enough time xDD
    i am very busy at the moment right nao so it will take a while xD
    how is your snake doing?^^ d'you wanna brawl this we?
    No, he doesn't have his Wii anymore.

    The colors are black, gray and orange. And none of your cats are name Zelda foo.

    And you could get them off of youtube and stuff...thats what I do.
    No, I didn't go to MM. I had some problems...
    I've been playing Final Fantasy 7 lately. I just got through Cosmos Canyon (where you see Red 13's dad and stuff). I love that game so much. I'm on a MAT high level for that area too. 36.
    What's your main team?
    I might go to the next one, but this Saturday for sure.
    Yeah, I SHOULD be able to get a good place. I've gotten a LOT better. Ask Melito. I was throwing him around like trash yesterday el oh el.
    He didn't beat my Snake yesterday...it's too pro!
    Yeah, we're teaming up. We always place high, so hopefully it'll be the same this time around.
    Oh and the Utada on FD is cool. Melito has had music customization for a while now. He's got beast Zelda music on his stages.
    Oh and Smash Champion is for Champions...like myself.
    Yeah, I've changed quite a bit.
    And George is still George.
    You should ask if you could move here...el oh el. I have nothing to do with your Uncle (I told you he was trouble).
    Oh and Melito, Aero and me are going to Mass Madness on October 3rd. Can't wait.
    Yeah, I play Brawl here and there. I got better, you know? el oh el. You act like I play the same still. That's cool you met Mero. Did you beat him? And my Snake is better then yours. :chuckle:
    You could've moved in with me you know...too bad. And I haven't been going to too many tournies, because Melito is being like a ghost and hasn't been coming over.
    i wanna see it lol

    ahh and btw
    my compilation vid will also have a horrible quality cuz i have to record it with a camera lol^^
    heey ya dude^^
    it's been a while
    a question: i am working on my combo vid and still need the background music^^ any suggestions??
    thx in advance
    I wish it was a texture... Nah, its just an avatar. Ill have to get someone to make that texture for me though, snake with makeup and pink suit texture :D
    you know what???
    i won a biiiigg tourney last week
    isn't that great
    won against a f()cking good mk in the finals^^
    aaaaand i could save these fights, cuz they were under 3 minutes and our recorder was knda crappy
    yeah^^ i will upload it soon
    smash apprentice now???
    aero isn't that active here on smashboards right???
    sorry my wifi is crappy now
    try to fix it today til 7pm
    i'll pm you when it is fixed ok???

    ah and did you already signed me up for the tournament???
    im sorry pimp
    i can't play this weekend
    have to celebrate my birthday party you know?
    but what about next weekend?

    i wish i could play against you guys................
    nice thnx ya just turn the brawl textures off....they got kind of annoying

    oh what did nacho say about dubles??????
    Awesome 15th not bad....but.....kirby is higher 0_0.....

    Oh and did u finish the texture???
    you are going to go to aeros house??
    so i can fight against aero too??
    why did nacho (yoshi in the first vid) killed himself twice???
    did he think he can beat you with only one stock????
    hey ya you're pretty good
    can't wait to play against you ; )
    can you brawl tomorrow at about this time??
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