Michael the Spikester

I'm just an average Canadian guy pretty much. As you see from my avatar and username you can probably tell I'm a big Godzilla fanatic but I also like other stuff such as anything kaiju or monster related such as Gamera and King Kong as well as being a big fan of others like InuYasha, God of War, Mortal Kombat and certain characters from comics like Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy (Most notably Rocket Raccon and Groot). I'm also a fan of the classic Nickelodeon cartoon The Angry Beavers (Despite what my passion for kaiju, Daggett is actually my favorite character of all time) whom I grew up with alongside my older brother. The nostalgia of it brings back so many memories.

My personal interest is pretty much reading and writing whom becoming a writer is my goal to achieve, I love writing stories and so want to share my ideas to people. I also like other things such as animals both live and extinct (I'm a really big animal lover hence a vegetarian), prehistory, mythology (Such as Greek, Norse and Egyptian), history (Especially involving ancient civilizations like the Native Americans, Ancient Egyptians and Australian Aborigines), video games, cryptozoology, watching movies (Creature flicks being among my favorites, I also enjoy sci-fi, action and adventure too), going out especially to the theaters and other things like that. I'm very obsessive about alternate history as well especially discussing what-if scenarios about them.

That's pretty much all I really have to tell. Hope I get to know folks around here and them the same with me. I'm very obsessive about alternate history as well especially discussing what-if scenarios about them.

Hope to get around to knowing folks around here! ^_^
Apr 11, 1992 (Age: 28)
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Yo, Whaddup Disney its ya boi sittin' at home watchin' the old Disney movies and eating DORITOOOOOOS


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