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  • If 2B actually made it in Smash as DLC, who would you think her trailer enemy is going to be? Shulk or R.O.B.?
    Good question. I'm gonna have to say R.O.B, or maybe Megaman just because of the whole machines aesthetic. That, or Bayonetta since they've both belong to games worked on by Platinum Games
    I've only now realized you could use images as links to other sites...
    I am now taking advantage of this in my new signature. Too bad it's a little low res, but that's what the spoiler button is there for.

    it probably won't end up happening, but a guy can dream.
    and then get them crushed.
    So, been considering redesigning my signature now that 3 of my most wanted are 100% deconfirmed.

    Considering moving 9S, A2, and 2B to their own slots since there'd be room now, but then I'd need to come up with a potential extra most wanted character now. Which is difficult, considering I don't think I really want anyone else for the game...

    Ah, hell with it. I'll just put the Piranha plant in it and call it a day.
    Now that I've gone through the stages of grief with my support for 2B, I think it's safe to say that I'm the sanest I'll ever be in my current state.

    But that doesn't mean I can't be hopeful.
    I hope everyone gets their wishes granted tomorrow, even if I don't expect it to happen. I'll be happy with the outcome regardless.
    NineS.exe has stopped working.
    Please wait until November 1, 2018 to finish the reboot.
    Ugh not again... *Lesse. The plus side of a battery goes to the......minus???*
    Likes: NineS
    I've decided to keep myself distracted from waiting for the next big Smash Announcement by making some newcomer stock icons on Adobe Illustrator. Some of them probably have already been made, but It's something I enjoy either way.

    You can find the gallery of the Smash Icons I'm making here:
    I will update it over time.

    Feel free to request characters for me to do. I'll post them in the Character Icon thread, here:
    Just don't expect me to get to every one of them instantly! Chances are I'll take my time with the requests and do the ones I feel are most convenient for me to do first.
    No one has done sans yet. Do you mind making him?
    Those look so clean, good work!
    This is sort of a niche request, but a Saria icon would be cool, if you have the time of course.
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    I consider importance to play a big role in whether a character is to be expected or not. As in, important to either to the game they starred in, the franchise they're from, the company(-ies) they impacted, or their impact on the gaming industry or fans as a whole.

    We have gotten many characters and kept many characters that would be irrelevant by today's standards. None of those characters are unimportant, though. Characters like Snake and Simon's franchises important to gaming as a whole, characters like Inkling having a positive impact on Nintendo's rough times, Roy and Marth having brought one of Nintendo's franchises to the U.S., Captain Falcon introduced during a time he was popular, etc...

    Many of these characters are irrelevant, but how many of them are unimportant to their game, franchise, Nintendo, their fans, or gaming as a whole entirely?
    Something I've said before I feel people tend to overlook when it comes to expecting, not hoping or wanting, characters in Smash. I know many will probably disagree.

    I've seen many people toss around characters being irrelevant as a point either towards or against a character. This is bad, in my eyes. I'm not saying relevance matters, but I'm also not saying it doesn't.
    A character being irrelevant shouldn't count as "taking away a point" in that character's likeliness. But a character being relevant should add to a character's likeliness.

    Relevance is still important, just not as relevant as it used to be in smash speculation.

    It is okay to push for, want, or hope for a character that might technically be "irrelevant", but try not to expect them unless they're extremely popular, either in or outside of smash. . . Or someone like Vergeben leaks them.

    Importance also plays a big part.
    I'm going to subscribe to the Nihilist Theory:

    All leaks exist on purpose
    No character is guaranteed
    No theory is correct
    Everyone's gonna get leaked
    Come play Smash
    (Credit to Shroob)

    It seems like a fairly reasonable and grounded theory.
    If this theory is correct, I guess this technically means this theory is also incorrect. . . Which would technically make it correct?
    Ah well, beats the music theory in my eyes.
    It's a loss we didn't get anything this week for Smash Bros, aside from Ash Greninja. I lacked the power to will an announcement into existence. . . Or is it lacking the will to power an announcement?
    The Stoopid Unikorn
    The Stoopid Unikorn
    At least we got SOMETHING, so I'd say your powers are fine.

    You simply cannot grasp the true form of Smash hype and got what you could comprehend best :P
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    Patience....the time will come...
    Likes: NineS
    Though I've never really understood what following someone on this site does, I'm givin' you a follow cuz you seem like a cool dude!
    Not sure what following someone does either... But thanks! It's appreciated! Glad to see I'm managing to make good impressions on here.
    I'm beginning to get a little bored of waiting for the next direct... I should just be patient, but I'm losing my patience for having patience. Either way, it'll be worth it in the end, regardless of who's revealed. Can't say I'm not hoping for one this week, though.
    この翻訳は悪いですか? あなたが失望して申し訳ありません。 私はおそらく半分眠っていた。
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