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    Yeah, I should be able to make it. I don't have work on Saturday, and it's the last weekend before I go back to Auburn
    I wouldn't mind that, if you don't. Depends on what time Kazoo or others leave the tourney. I also need to check with my mom since she's coming back today after about a week.
    TGK says there's a Tech tourney tomorrow, and he's able to take me for free. On the account that this is going to be as long as the last one I attended, would I be able to sleep over again?
    Take the MARTA.

    I can't guarantee a 90 min drive to Atlanta in rush hour. :cry:

    It's ok, though, I still get to play.
    75 in the afternoon is like the plague: Avoid it @ all cost.

    However, I will be going on 78 in all likelihood, so I'll be going straight through to Tech. If I get there @ a reasonable time (and this assumes no traffic), then I'll pick you up.

    Just text me when Lou is planning to come and pick you up, and I will plan accordingly.
    I say time prohibits b/c I am off work @ 1600 tomorrow, so no guarantees I get to Atlanta in 90 mins w/traffic and all. :'(
    If you're going to SPSU to play Smash, I could take you over there.

    Or if time prohibits that, I can meet you there. If you're playing Smash, obv. :012:
    what's up? hey so you go to GA tech? Idk if you ever go to the chickfila on howell mill, but I worked there & I met a lot of people from the school so I may have seen you before. Anyways, yeah let me know about the smashfest if there are any. I want to get into the scene, and I have to make sure I can get time off and whatnot, but I requested for the Waba monthly, so I should be able to go to that.
    Hey Michael, you should hold a smashfest Friday. I don't have work that day, and I leave for Auburn Saturday.
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