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Metal Overlord
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  • That's so true. Jiggz used to be te super troll until she became so outdated:troll:. I love the old anime episodes.
    Pretty pissed off right now because my Red Version just deleted itself.
    And I just beat the elite 4 yesterday! (I had been playing through that game again and beat it on the first try!)
    I'm also mad because my lvl 100 raichu with thunderpunch,thunder,thunderbolt and flash is gone forever, no cloned backups in my other games.

    So sad....
    I even had missingno and mew.
    I feel as if this is Diddy's new tactic in thread. If my 1st string of stupidity gets bodied by logic let's go with 2nd string annoyance and hopefully they'll forget about the 1st string.

    Aiyyo I feel compelled to start writing diss records about certain cats in the thread man.

    I swear I'll get things popping like this
    I'm pretty sure he's Raditz. Did you see who's Vegata and Nappa? :smirk:

    BTW if you didn't laugh at who Piccolo was, you probably have not seen DBZ Abridged.
    I was on one of the online manga sites and I found this:

    Super Dragon Bros. Z

    Weirdest manga crossover ever. :laugh:
    Wow that's dumb and I'm furious atm because I left my home with youtube uploading my 17 video quota, now I hear that youtube has an error atm from one of my fellow smashers while at work. SO I'm pissed if my vids aren't still uploading when I get home, those things take forever. Like an hour a piece if the vid is like 6 mins long and 6 mins is about how long brawl matches are. I'm lucky that some of the vids are 3 mins so that makes some of the uploads 30 to 40 mins but still that's absolute insanity. I'm usually able to deal with these because the normal amount of vids I upload are 5 vids. But todays is 17 so it's already pushing it.

    Yeah so I'm mad
    ★ Man, I've noticed that, you guys got the thread to over 60K without me already!! D:

    I will come back soon and cheer you guys up, you can count on it, so...what's up with the thread, anything worthwhile talking about that I've missed?? :bee: ♥
    Yeah, it's been fixed for the most part on my side. It's just up to Natalia to fix her sister.
    It's all good now, things blew up and clear out pretty fast.

    Ended with this

    Hi, this is natalia. I just wanted to start off saying sorry for any drama this has caused. I had no idea that this uprage was happeing on facebook until jaleel just told me while ago. I never knew my sister posted that staus as me and never really expected her to cross that line. She's compleaty is taking this as a joke because she takes everything as a joke and doesn't relize the magnittude of what she has caused. For that I'm extreamly sorry on her behalf and honestly as of now am ashamed to have to call her my sister. I really do hope that this doesn't change any thoughts or ideas you may have over me because I am nothing like my sister for obviouse reasons. I would like you to know that I would never disrespect jaleel in anyways especialy not public humiliation.I'm sorry once more. Ill fix this, promise."
    Yeah Zapdos, I just realized, probably fits my personality the most out of all the bird pokemon in the first gen
    *Rubs the fact I have facial hair in your face that doesn't have facial hair*


    Nahhhh we (really she) set boundaries... Sadface. So now it's only pecks. -_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-

    I better get some type of reward for this, when this "boundary" phase ends. I'ma try and kill this boundary thing next Saturday.
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