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Recent content by ManXan

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    Q&A How to Wreck *****es with Ganon?- Linguini Q&A Thread

    I haven't posted for a long time, we'll I'm back and my Ganon has been in the hyperbolic time chamber mastering his disrespect. I may be heading to my city's local this weekend and hopefully I could get my first win in tourney. Wish me luck!
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    Any great walling characters?

    Peach does this quite well, and can also convert from plenty of moves into great damage. I also recommend Ganon, he's a bit lower on the tier list but I love his play style and the fact that so many of his moves kill.
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    I want to play on PC pretty bad.

    The kys option seems pretty optimal jk I believe this is the correct website to download the emulator from
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    Roy Video Thread 2.0

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    MookieRah's Road To Glory (Video Dump Thread)

    Can you make a combo video? Those three clips alone would get me to watch it! Also, your M2 is SUPER solid and I feel like I'm learning a lot about him just by watching your matches.
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    Taj is the best Mewtwo (Ask Taj Stuff Thread)

    You guys should join the discord, it seems to be active everyday and covers a crap load of stuff with really fast response times.
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    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    What are the essential things to learn when just picking up Fox? I just picked him up yesterday but have been playing the game for about a year so i'm familiar with terminology.
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    Guide CunningKitsune's Guide to Ace Arwing Pilot Fox McCloud

    This is pretty much the Holy Bible to any aspiring Fox main, thank you for this!
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    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    The Pika one is spot on, is it possible to turn Marth's sword to a claw? If so I'd probably cry from happiness.
  10. M

    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    Donkey Kong as Balrog... that's just a given, Sheik can be Ibuki since they both throw needles/kunais and have similar movesets, Luigi as Ken because Ken's shoryureppa and Luigi's sweetspot up B are extremely similar although I feel like this one would be the most difficult considering they look...
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    Q&A How to Wreck *****es with Ganon?- Linguini Q&A Thread

    Just google "The Golden Nugget of the Ganon Boards" and the first link should take you to a place where someone was kind enough to sort through all of the info and compile it into topics that you can click on. It REALLY saved me so much time.
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    Official The Golden Nuggets of the Ganondorf Boards

    You my friend are a legend for doing this!
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    Q&A How to Wreck *****es with Ganon?- Linguini Q&A Thread

    I know i'm late to the Ganon party, it sucks that as soon as I want to pick him up I see this https://twitter.com/kagethewarrior/status/754550023044472832. All you guys definitely convinced me that I should be maining Ganon from seeing combo videos to always hearing talk about how passionate you...
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    Official Melee Texture Hack Thread

    Not sure if people are still taking requests, but would anyone be able to turn Ganondorf into M.Bison from SF? It would be perfect!
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    Attack burn animations

    Hey, i've seen a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw79nY56nxg) recently of Mang0 playing Marth with a visual that added a purple fiery effect (similar to Ganondorf's Warlock punch and Mewtwo's fair) and I wanted to know if it was possible to give Roy the same animation? It would be sick to...
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