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  • sans idea trailer: It's a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. Then it shows Ganondorf walking through the pasture and there is nothing but darkness. Followed by Bowser, both enter a golden hall with beautiful stained glass with a golden floor and gold pillars. Then out of nowhere after taking a first person glimpse of the judgement hall, a skeleton is standing in front looking at you smiling. The skeleton summons bones and Gaster Blasters then the image "Sans has a bone to pick!" The Bones move towards Bowser and Ganondorf and the Blasters are firing. Ganondorf swiftly dodging the bones and Bowser using his shell to protect himself. Gameplay of Sans is then shown. After the gameplay, it shows sans managing to hold on against the villains but is getting a bit tired. Then all of a sudden, a slice appears and sans lies on the ground. Chara is Determined to battle! Gameplay is now shown. Then a pause icon appears and it shows sans is just lying on the couch and a white dog lying on the floor watching the trailer on the TV. Sans-"welp, that was an interesting trailer. Just wasn't as humerus as i expected." sans then breaks the fourth wall and looks at the camera" so, i bet a lot of you are angry see chara and me in smash. sorry if you are angry and thanks if you are happy." You hear a door slam open which makes the white dog leap. Papyrus-"SANS! I AM HOME!" SANS! HAVE YOU BEEN LYING ON THE COUCH THIS WHOLE TIME?" sans- yup" Papyrus-"CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING USEFUL" sans-"that reminds me. how would you like to be in smash bros?" Papyrus-"WHAT?!?!" Papyrus spagets his way into battle! Papyrus looks at the title-"SANS WHAT DID YOU DO?" sans-"whoops" then a red crayon scratches the "spagets his" and is now shown as "valiantly goes." Gameplay is then shown of him. I do have another idea where instead of Chara, Ridley bursts out of one of the hall stained glasses in awesome fashion and was about to destroy sans but sans was saved by Shantae at the last minute. Achievement unlocked: "Longest Profile Post Ever"
    Huh....another Fire Emblem song in the Smash website. Does that mean the song theory is debunked? Probably not
    When you be extra careful when making a character thread and check if Frisk or Chara are listed in the Newcomer Support Thread Directory then putting time to make a Frisk thread going very well into detail on the character and finishing it only to be pointed out that there is a thread of the SAME CHARACTER but only named "human". AGH!
    "If you were thinking that we’d just be dropping a bunch of newcomer trailers all the way up until release, you’d be sorely mistaken. We may have gone a little bit overboard up until now, so we’re going to slow our pace from here on out." - Masahiro Sakurai. 2 weeks later in a Smash Direct: Here are 3 newcomers and 5 more echo fighters. ENJOY!
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