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  • I know this is kind of a meme character, but since FNAF is on the switch now. Can we get a Freddy or William Afton in smash?
    Hey everyone. Its me Lordofwood98. Its been a while hasn't it? Well I am VERY sorry for what I posted back in 2019. I was a lot younger then and less mature and only joined this site to be a troll. I'm here for real discussion now (although I will still constantly ****post). So yeah sorry if I offended anyone (I can't remember exactly what I said but I did get temp banned so I must've done something) After the temp ban I left because I was dumb and thought it was permanent. But now I'm back. So hi, I guess? Also I should really change my name it sounds a 11 year olds Xbox 360 gamertag
    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠸⠇⠀⠀⠶⠀⠸⠿⠿⠇ ⠸⠇
    attention all wreck it ralph battle royale gamers! shrek has brain cancer so mr man has to save him but all he needs a mtn dew and some knifes to help him
    all he needs is your credit card number, the three digits on the back, and the expiration month and year.
    But, you gotta be quick so that mr man can cure shreks cancer and watch an epic episode of jojo's greay adventure *t pose* owo
    zelda is lookin gooooooooooooooooooood this time around
    Her new design and personality was a shock to me. I just got so use to twilight princess Zelda that’s how I started to see her. I mean it was one of the most detailed looks only rival is OOT adult Zelda but she was low Polly to appreciate her to her full extent.

    But since we are talking about Zelda and her designs in Smash. I’ll have to say if we did end up getting SS Zelda back when she was in a lot of people where betting on her starting outfit but I honestly don’t think that would of been the way it would of went it would of been white dress Zelda.

    I also feel like we didn’t get BOTW Zelda style because of the style of her dresses she wears in that game. They wouldn’t of worked with Smash Zelda movements

    Edit hey I don’t want you to think I hate Zelda new (old) look I love it (not the cape worst looking cape in Smash Wtf) Was just shocking and I have ocd and seeing Link Zelda and Ganon not share the same artsyle bugs the hell out of me it actually does as a Zelda and Smash fan.
    Deleted member
    When I first saw her design on the e3 reveal, ill admit, I didn't like it. AT ALL. I wanted either TP Zelda back or Botw. Plus with her being really bubbly and everything, I really disliked Ultimate Zelda then. But it grew on me after awhile, and once I played her at the best buy demo, I started liking the changes.

    Yea Botw Zelda woudnt of worked in smash. She is much different than the other Zelda's in terms style, and personality. But I do wish they would've just used SS Zelda. She is one of my favorites.

    I think im pretty happy with her overall in Ultimate. And I think with the visual buffs and speed, mobility buffs, hopfully she will at least make it to mid-tier. She is painful to play in Smash 4. And I get a lot of hate for playing her.

    Yes I hate her cape to idk what they were thinking. It is weird they are all from different games but I think we will all get used to it. I mean, Ganon and Link look sick!
    Also why did you write so much
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