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Recent content by Magnezone92

  1. Magnezone92

    Character = Character

    Every charater has its own power just that each player needs to find it to work around with it.
  2. Magnezone92

    Top 10 worst movie games

    Very good article, really gives a point. I would never try to buy a movie video game, and the best thing to do is to watch the flim.
  3. Magnezone92

    What if Pokemon was brought to reality?

    I would really enjoy that world but it could have trouble.
  4. Magnezone92

    Birdo Trophy

    How many trophies are there really? I have about 283.
  5. Magnezone92

    Muti-Man Melee

    The crule melee does live to its name. I can only live for about one mintue until being KO.
  6. Magnezone92

    Muti-Man Melee

    Start of a Multi-Man Melee thread.
  7. Magnezone92

    Pika Q&A/FAQ Thread: Ask a Quick Question, Get a Quick Answer!

    Hey guys I have a question. In melee and 64 version I was very deadly with Pikachu, but in brawl it is every hard to control volt tackle. Any tips and tricks for the mastery of the final smash.
  8. Magnezone92

    If you wern't a trainer

    Lugia because that beast is just the best!
  9. Magnezone92

    Legend of Zelda If You Could Have One LoZ Item In Real Life, What Would It Be?

    I would like to use the fire, ice, and light arrows from Ocarina of Time, but the bow is just a wooden stick. Build a golden bow now that would be awesome with magic arrows.
  10. Magnezone92

    How to properly build a Pokemon team.

    Hey, thanks for the info. Going to try to build strong team.
  11. Magnezone92

    "Official" Favorite/Least Favorite Stage in Adventure Mode

    Favorite: Kirby Stage Least Favorite: Icicle Mountain
  12. Magnezone92

    Hidden Power

    Hey, need help with hidden power to match my needs. For example, moltres with grass hp.
  13. Magnezone92

    Hidden Power

    Any one need help with hp.
  14. Magnezone92

    Probably going to get back into Competitive Pokemon TCG

    Tcg Nintendo should make the Base Collection again into the new expansion for the TCG because the very new cards have really cause different motives to the old players.
  15. Magnezone92

    If You Could Learn One Pokemon Move In Real Life....

    Earthquake so I can destroy man on land and to teleport anywhere I need to.
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