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  • brandooon

    wanna go to fort this saturday?

    ie- wanna drive me to fort this saturday? ^^
    Hey cool, your on, I was gonna ask if you wanted to do doubles at the next SK coming up, since Darren isnt going, what do you say Brandon?
    Dude, seriously, thatd be epic. Im thinking of doing a Zero themed name btw, any ideas "***u" (XD, jk, but seriously a good idea would be nice)

    Oh ya Shuffle, that game would of been SO fing awesome (it still is albeit) if only it was minigame each round, and the game not taking 3 hours (seriously, a 4p game can take THAT long, Ive had it happen multiple times @_@) E-102 <3
    Im trying to get a new avi/sig for when I get my new name. Btw Sonic with a guitar is pretty awesome btw, Id say underground, but it looks post-adventure Sonic to me.

    I like NEVER use MSN, however my AIM...well I have 1 but I think I might make a new one soon, my current one has so many spammers on it that I cant get rid of with a Wii =/
    Lol, never actualky seen a Brandon before, so sorry ^^; (I actually earlier said Braden but quickly edited XD), and I see, now that Ive calmed down (work was SO lame today) I think it really might not be mine, one of my control sticks has a knob on the lower lip, which the one I got is missing it, however its possible it also broke off yesterday =/. Great, now I owe an apology XD (well did, but probably a more meaningful one)
    Yo Branden, how goes it? Listen you and I essentially were together the whole day, do you know if I could of ever mixed up controllers, aish is accusing me of taking hers, which Im not liking very much, because I only have the one that Im sure is mine...it carries my "fingerprints" that I use to differentiate it (like some crud my friend got in the back letters of it). Also any idea of where hers may of actually gone?
    We should get together and brawl soon D:<
    Just give me a time you're free to play and I'll come over or something :D
    LOL. =]

    I face Shugo often, it may be WiFi but still.
    I'd hate to face him IRL.
    aha glad you like it. took me effin' forever to make lol. yours is pretty sick too ;)
    I never use dsmash for some reason. It's a decent move too

    The only reason I got a bit worse with Peach is because I haven't used her as much. I was getting bored with her so I started using other characters lol
    I suck at glide tossing now......but that's about it =/

    And yeah, I'll be at ADAT


    I wish I could come friday but I already have plans =/
    Oh well, I don't mind missing out on this, I'll make the one in July though

    Thanks :)

    And you haven't whipped ma peach ;)

    Who's Peach were you fighting?
    To be honest my Peach isn't as good as it was before anyways lol
    You'd probably beat me
    Hey Brandon =D

    You are going to that weird Sou Kawaii tounrey yes?

    You think I could catch a ride there :p
    I figured I might as well go if I can

    If you can't give me a ride then don't worry about it. I'm gonna quit brawl soon for good me thinks :)
    Loll, Otai! then i'm off to bed, Nice games again! I like fighting you, your good practice lolol. You keep me in shape :p

    see ya!
    Oh cool, when is that Hawaii tournament lol
    Sounds like fun =D

    And lol, our Peach vs Sonic matches were fun xD
    But I'm thinking about finding a new main for a while. I always switch it up eventually, and it's about that time :p
    Yeah Samusbrawler was dumb and spur of the moment as well xD

    This is actually my 2nd account though. I made my first one in April and it WAS named DTP xD
    But the account didn't work....so I had to make a new one

    I think I might wait until they implement that premium membership thingy. Then I'll get that and change my name xD
    I doubt an admin would change my name :(

    And lol, I knew you'd say that :p
    Sonic did deserve the rise in the ranks

    Still playing brawl much? I haven't been playing much at all. My peach is trash now.

    But I did brawl yesterday and today and I'm having a blast with Samus xD
    haha hey, you're up late xD

    Why the sudden need to change usernames? lol
    I want to change my name too, but I don't want to make a whole new account xD
    (I'd just change my username to DTP :p)

    Oh and I'm doing alright, though I'm super tired....

    So how do you feel about Sonic's new tier list placing? =D
    Um.... hi?

    I got a random friend request from you haha

    I'm guessing you're from around Edmonton?
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