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  • oh, the ausom auburn tournament is on the 24 and it's closer to us, so zero's going to that. you hold monthlys rt? may 23 is my moms bday though; d*mn, maybe in june, unless you changed your may date.
    i like your avatar
    idk if we can come. are you talkin about just the gamers or gamers+one?cause you know im not gonna enter, been playing against my bros though
    Hey, my number is 919-810-4681. Can you let me know around what time you'll be getting here tonight. Bill will be back probably sometime around midnight. However, I think I will actually be staying in CH tonight, so you can arrive earlier if you want. Call me if you get lost or anything (although that will be pretty hard since it's just 40 all the way to my apartment, pretty much @__@)
    Ok, cool. Well, I may or may not be there Friday night. We'll see. Bill goes to work on Sunday at 9:30 btw.

    b+ should be epic at this
    Yeah, it's no problem. So do you need housing Friday night, too? My roommate(bill/nc-echo) has work on Friday night, but it would be cool to come anytime after that. Is the venue open on Friday? I don't even know. @__@ I'm not sure what time I'm going to gboro on Friday, but I can probably wait around for a while for Bill to get off of work before I leave. I want to play some b+ with you guys, anyways.

    Also, my apartment is 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how fast you drive, East of the venue. You just keep going east on 40 until you get to chapel hill. I'll go ahead and give you the address:

    435 hillsborough st
    chapel hill, nc, 27514
    Ok, so my roommate is cool with you guys staying over on saturday night. However, can you take him back to the apartment from the tournament with you, because otherwise he probably wouldn't be able to get back then. Also, you guys would have to leave before he goes to work on sunday (I'm not sure when that is). Hope that helps. Some of my best friends actually live in gboro, so I'll be staying there this weekend, probably.

    Also, are all the people you're bringing playing b+? And what time are you arriving on saturday, because I'm trying to figure out when I should start b+?
    Ummm, I think I'm staying at a friend's house in gboro for the weekend. However, my roommate, nc-echo, is probably going back so I'll ask him about that today. It's probably cool.
    hey man i'll let you guys room with me but

    please don't give up finding another place to stay

    i don't mind having you guys chill but i'd feel bad for georgia if i said they could stay and then they show up and **** is cramped all to hell and everyone gets no sleep
    hey man dont you host tourneys like once every month? im still new to this website so idk much about it. :( i live in smyrna and wanna go to stuff like this;(. so get back at me man peace.
    Yo, I got your message but your number showed up as 000-something so i couldn't call back. hit me up again when you get a chance
    How do you get in contact with Sinisis or how ever his name is spelled. Red_ninja. I want to see if he would be willing to house us the Thursday before pound. It would be cool to break our 14 hour trip in half.
    Argh! >_< Just got off the phone with my dad. Apparently, he's made plans to go down to my grandparents' house in SC and spend the Christmas holidays with them. I tried talking him into staying in Tennessee long enough for me to attend the next tourney, but I haven't had any luck. Knowing him, chances are that a Smash tournament won't be a big enough reason for him to change plans.

    I'm really, really sorry for the date hassle and the commitment to coming, especially if I messed up your plans with my date request. x_x
    Thanks, KO. If you can do that, that'll be awesome. If you can't, then oh well.

    Edit: Nice avatar! xD
    Ah... I can't go if it's the 12th. :/ My school's exams are the December 14-17. Sorry.
    Brawl+! Whoo! I love where this is going! :)

    Once the date and such has been worked out, I'll bring this up with the NC guys and hopefully bring some them along with me.
    I'll definitely see what I can do about that. Hopefully, I can convince them to open up a weekend for an OOS tournament. December's gonna be Brawl and Blazblue, right?
    That would be amazing! Thanks! I'll be sure to keep an eye out for when the date is set.
    Hey KO. I've got a question that I didn't want to ask in the current Tennessee thread so that I wouldn't further disrupt the hype.

    Any idea what the plan is for December yet? I'm gonna be in Tennessee (visiting family like I was at Game Galaxy V) from probably December 18 until the end of December, and I was wondering if anything was happening then.
    Hey man I just wanted to know when the next tournament in Nashville is gonna be..I'm just now moving here and wanted to get into the smash scene. Also what are some good spots to play at?
    Hey KO. If we were to come up on Friday night, we'd be arriving really late. Probably around 3 AM or so. I doubt you'd be willing to stay up that late, seeing as how the tournament starts rather early, but I need confirmation. Otherwise, we're leaving really early on Saturday morning.
    Hey man, since you're volunteering to house us for the 30th... we might come up the night of the 29th, is that okay? And we'd need an address etc. Do you use AIM at all?
    Hey, do you have any intention of hosting a Scarlet Weather Rhapsody side-tournament that wouldn't interfere with Brawl Singles & Doubles? Milln said that you liked it alot and showed us it too.
    Hey, about your tourney on Feb. 28, is there anyway you can get more recording devices there? I really want to get a set or two on youtube for critiqueing, etc., but I didn't get a chance to play on the TV with the laptop last time (except in doubles, but that one was recorded for some reason)
    Hey! Great tourney! Also, nice matches we played.

    When will you post the results and the videos that were recorded?
    One more thing, about how many people are going to be here? 30? 50? 100?
    Will you have any way of recording the matches? I want to put my matches on youtube so I can get critiques, but I don't have any recording devices.
    Hey KOkingpin. I have a quick question about your tourney at TILT. When will the tourney end? I just need an approximate time so I can plan out my day.


    -K 2
    i didnt know your phone number so i've been trying to contact you to see if ur busy today. if not, do u mind if we come over around 3 or whenever is good with u
    Yeah man, it was good for me. I'm getting back into smash big time. My hit percentage is up 10%-20% every match from my old average. I think that's what you gave me the most, a reason to time my attacks better. I also upgraded DK to a main and I'm doing pretty good with him. Amazing what a few hours of good practice did for me. Hopefully I get the chance to play more good players. I look forward to giving you a challenge! Peace!
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