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  • Im really digging these tutorials of yours. If you use all those techs in all your matches i bet you're a force to be reckoned with! Keep being awesome.
    I just completed your survey. Best of luck with that. I hope that it resolves some of the problems that plague the Smash community. Hopefully, when the WiiU version comes out, we can Smash together. (Sadly, I don't own a 3DS.)
    Thanks. Just let me know when the Wii U version comes out. I'll try to remember too.
    If you want to play online we can do that sometime. It's been a while since last September. lol
    Awesome. Sorry about the late reply getting back to ya. i don't use Smashboards much nowadays, but yeah if ya want to add me, my ID name is The_FPG
    Hey dude just competed your survey, good luck and i wish you the best of luck
    p.s It would be hype to play some smash 4 online with you some time when the game comes out.
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    I'd love to play with you. Or against you. Or against some CPUs. Any smash is a good smash.
    Dust the Baptist
    Dust the Baptist
    all right whats your 3ds friend code so I can add you. so oct. 3rd we can do some 1v1s or some team battles.
    Yo yo. We can play smash on 3DS or Wii U now. I know it's been a while. If you use twitter, find me there @KirbyKid
    Hey, we had a Project M tourney with a bunch of Melee pros and I'm trying to jumpstart the Project M-etagame thread on smashmods with the results/videos. Just wanted to let you know.
    Oh, I see. How long have you been playing with Pit (your vids on the last survey were very good! You're a good Pit player!)?

    I checked out the survey and filled it out. Thanks for showing it to me, it's a very well made survey! I hope it helps ^__^. I'll be sure to spread the survey around. Again, thanks for showing it to me.
    Thanks for accepting my friend request ^__^. You must know a lot about super smash bros. Do you still main Kirby nowadays? He's my secondary, although I did main him in the original smash 64.

    Again thank you for accepting my friend request.
    Well, I already filled out the questionnaire ^__^. Although, I can't play you if you want to play. My controller is, for some reason, unresponsive to left and right commands (I use the gamecube controller, by the way), and sometimes leaves me doing a jab, instead of a smash. And I just want to thank you for that thread. I replied in it once again.

    I also sent you a friend request ^__^. Again, thanks for helping people like me become better with their game play.
    i'll see about maybe borrowing a friend's wireless or something...

    also, kansas goes down to texas regularly for the big HOBOs and Phases every now and then.
    hey, are you going to WHOBO? i stumbled upon your critique thread a few hours ago and have been reading a bunch of your articles and filled out your questionnaire. i think you could seriously help me find out what my next step is in progressing as a player...anyway, i'm from wichita, KS and don't have a wifi connection for the time being...so i was just wondering if i could play you in person and see what you had to say. :p
    yeah I could not send you an online message on aim because your status did not allow offline messages. I know your on spring break(I hope your having fun!), so maybe we could schedule a match Friday?
    Will you be my friend. BAD TOASTER. Thats right, I'm that annoying guy on smash wiki that writes BAD TOASTER on everything.
    TIP: Never use Olimar
    Hey kirbykid.
    I read the FAQ, and it says if I want to change my username, I have to ask an admin, and have a good reason.
    My "good reason" is that I purposely created this username to be "edgy" or "offensive" two years ago.
    Now, I don't want to be the guy to pass the message "jebus hates you," so I was hoping you could help me get it changed to Dr. jebus
    if punctuation isn't allowed, then it would be Dr jebus, and if whitespace is not allowed, then it would be Dr_jebus, and if underscores were not allowed, it would be Drjebus.
    Sorry for wall of text....
    thx man! there isn't info on time and such but i'll contact melee1. thx for the help!
    (btw smash boards was epic! im guna play it with my friends and such!)
    yo K kid! i need some tips as to where do i go for more brawl tornaments that you know of, i went to DFW place and idk if half that stuff even happens anymore lol
    yo i was in texas this summer, i hung out with Infinity and went to a tourney but i missed you. :(
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