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  • uhhhh ok so theres mine, nick/fbm,his alt that got pwned, and i think his brother made one at my house too called flyingbigmoney (thats what FBM stands for) thats all we know of. but thats his brothers. Thats all we know of pretty sure.
    Yes, if we ban your IP, nobody from your house will be able to access SWF.

    When someone is being particularly troublesome and/or makes alts to avoid a ban, we usually end up IP banning the person if they don't cut it out.

    We ban whichever IP or IP addresses they were doing it from.

    I know I'd be pissed if one of my friends got me banned because they were being a jerk on my computer :/

    As of right now, the IP won't be banned....so, if he's made any other alts besides the one that Xsyven just banned, it'd be a good idea for you or him speak up now; if we happen to stumble upon another one, the IP will end up being banned and you're going to be an innocent victim in all of this. :(
    You do realize that if he ends up getting IP banned at your house, you won't be able to use SWF anymore, right? :\
    He lied.

    He's banned for a month, whether he's sorry or not.

    If he makes another alt he'll be permabanned.
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