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  • like....omg you havn't been on for months ;________;

    happy birthday....to...you..~
    happy birthday...to you...
    happy birthday dearest dylan...<3

    Hey lil bro, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D

    seriously, your name is awesome! (not your internet name..your real name.haha)
    hey u there:p

    ive noticed that the sig is not showing up anymore. i think i should tell/ask you, maybe you know what i have to do?
    have u noticed that sheik haz no arms( hiding behind tha back)?

    i didnt know how to draw them:laugh:

    good idea lol
    heyyy, check out my new sigg:)

    do you like it?

    problem is...arctic storm no longer is arctic storm-->name change
    plus i dont like the beginning...
    or RyuReiatsus pic...>.>
    heyyy.. smash...ace?:laugh:
    thats cool, i didnt say anything:p

    err.. i haz a problem with bows. ya know, i cant draw them.
    im sorry. also, my sheik looks too girly...
    meh i suck
    i took quite a few of highschool classes while in middle school: earth space science, algebra 1 & 2(my school district used to do this program to take algebra 2 over the summer), geometry.

    in highschool, freshman year was i took one AP (world history), and the rest were honors [precalc, english, biology, writing, spanish]

    however in the summer, i took Highschool chem. it gave me enough space in sophomore year to do 2 APs (calc 1, european history), honors were (spanish2, english,] and 2 regular [phys Ed, drivers ed/health],

    in that summer, i did intro to microbio which counted as an AP bio grade. thus leaving me lots of room for 5AP classes in jr year and it was tough (ap chem, ap english comp, ap calc2, AP american history, ap psychology) and my school offered an honors webdesign class.

    senior year was just whatever leftover, the six remaining AP classes: ap stats, ap english lit, ap us governemnt, ap physics, ap human geography, and AP art history. but i think art history, human geo can be taken during any of your 4 years in highschool

    i think i took a total of only 3 maybe 4 regulars due to prerequisites that my highschool enforced to all students. drivers ed/health, physed, a writing course, and some intro language class

    but dont fret dude if your school doesnt offer that many AP classes. just focus on getting in top 10% of your graduating class, and have a decent SAT or ACT score
    lol. i've taken 1 AP freshman, 3 sophomore, 5 jr, 6 in senior, (the rest were honors). APs were worth 2 extra points, A = 6 B = 5 C = 4, anything lower doesnt get point bonuses

    i average about 4-5 A's and 1-2 B's each year, it works out :)
    kinda over did it with 5.96 GPA, but average 1260 SATs

    i know a few friends with ranging from high 4's to low 5's gettin in. just focus on the SATs, or ACTs
    Why do I get the feeling this is from Wikipedia? XD
    That's really interesting though, I had never known that. =)
    I dunno. I was just thinking of a short name show I can show starturds how Tio was better. What name do you want?
    yeah i just looking for someone
    it doesn't matter if ya know him personally^^
    can you say me his name?? x'DD
    heey dude
    you know i am makin' a combo vid and i am looking for some people who can record some stuffs for me(cuz unfortunaly i have no recorder)
    would you mind to record some replays for me if you have a recorder, or a capture card??^^
    you would REALLY help me out^^
    well, i realized that sheik is really difficult to drawT__T
    plus i dunno in which pose i shall draw her..any suggestions?
    also, would you like to have the bow on her head or like... err.. as a fly or sth?
    and, im not going to color the sig. im wayy too lazy:p
    i really wanna put all of my friends in my sig, so of course ill give it a shot:)

    though its pretty tight already, i would have to smallen the others so that theres enough space for yoo..

    have a nice day^^
    ahh i see^^
    yeah in german we use the word lol too^^ we all know that it is english but we still use it....lol.....
    but if i have to translate it it would goes like this: laut los-lachen
    so it would be: L L L ^^
    well ya know im workin on my sig and this is how it looks so far... i cant color so thats why theyre b/w.

    i cant decide on which one i like.. the second is in progress...:/
    i mean, if i knew what you liked i could depict you also?
    i didnt ask the others , i just chose something for them, but since i dont know you that much, i thought i should just ask ya^^

    oh, and to answer the question you asked judge, in germany, you say lol too.
    ....i am sorry i don't understand a single word in your sentence lol^^
    what do you want to know in german?? x'DDDDDD
    hey cobra how are you?
    i have one question.no actually 2.
    1. do you have anything that you think would represent you, or something that you reaally like?(an object, i mean)
    2. if you dont mind, would you tell me your name?:)
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