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  • clash of titans 4. It's in philedelphia hahaha gheb said he heard u were going to that tourney (its a national)
    kash, i heard you were going to COT4. If you are going, I would like to play you. Im sure I can learn something from your wolf.
    Wow....so serious....i take ur word for it...u seem pretty info much about wolf...so i will take ur advice
    oooo ok gotcha.....thanks for the tip....hey one day i should challenge you to an online match...ur a better player using wolf then I am....a good sparring partner would help

    But how do ppl join the wolf back room??? I would love to join it
    My suggestion is **** the Wiimote. Pick up a GCN controller.

    I still can't Boost Smash 100% of the time (though I never really bothered to practice it). However, the easiest way to do it is Dash > C-Stick Down (to intiate dash attack) > Rotate the control stick up > Z

    The Up + Z should cancel the Control Stick + C-Stick Dash attack causing you to do a sliding up smash. You'll know when you do it, and it rocks.
    mmmm the way you think make sense...using different characters helps to better skills because your in different situations....

    i was reading over the thread u gave about advance tech...and the boost smash is something im stuck on...there r different ways to boost smash so which one is easier to do and can u use the Wii + nunchuck to do it...i tried it wit the W+N but didnt get it...I even use the tap smash...no go there...any suggestions
    man....u sound like me...i too am a big Star Fox fan....i will review the link u gave me...so the key to mastering a character to is find characters to support your main?? So if wolf is your main, u mention...fox falco and olimar?? how do they help??
    Wow...u do know your stuff...in melee...i was a pretty good fox player...actually he was my main...but when i got to brawl..he was light as a feather and died easily..mayb i should reconsider...

    So Wolf, Lucas, Fox, and Ike huh?? mmmm sounds good....how u explain each one sounds like you had a experience with each altho some things u mention i dont wat your talking about...like the jab cancels or any cancel for that matter...and grabs either
    ooo well if thats the case...i can name my main and subs....thats easy....mental capacity was always cool....i mainly use wolf and Lucas...and neither r top tier or up their in rank...which is cool....im still looking for two additional choices tho out of the ones I mention
    Hey Hey...i like the worlds of wisdom...pretty impressive...i understand wat ur saying too...i kno all about the mental capacity...experience makes sense...its the teck skills...thats wat i dont get...DI is new to me, i never tried it before till reading the forums here....besides i am learning other characters like Lucas, Ike, Kirby, Lucario, Ness, DK, Fox, Sonic and Mario.

    So im trying to b very versatile when it comes to skill...i never was one for Top Tier characters....and these characters are not Top Tier...but I have been a fan of Wolf since I heard he would b in brawl but also Fox too....

    So like a student....im willing to learn from those better so I can tech copy and use it my stragety...like u said...mental capacity
    Thanks man...appreciate the help...r there groups for wolf players...im trying to learn how to master wolf...
    I'm interested in bring fox in brawl competitively. Would you show me some things with him sometime?
    he seemed happy when he beat you

    I use 5:Yoshi, Flaco, Lucario, Lucas, Ike. Manly Yoshi and Falco.
    I have MSN, so that could work.

    I don't think my friends would quit, I think one of them was the one that (yesterday at the doubles) dodge rolled from you and then quickly Fsmashed you with Mario and you cussed really loud.

    but it be great to learn from a good smasher like you
    I think I heard your story if being enlightened by SWF.

    Yeah, he seemed good with Ike, he beat Arturo:ohwell:
    They told me people from AZ canceled at the last minut which does suck.
    Would you be able to help me practice and get better at brawl by any chance, cuz my friends are either at the same level or below:(
    Ididn't do to well, it was alsomyfirsttournamentso....I could onlyuse Falco, whs my tird main, becaus every one was usingfastcharacters, so I was kinda stuck ina rut:( who was your partner?

    are you gonna come to the next tournament here in El paso?
    yeah, it was kinda sad to see you beat that marth AFTER the important matches:(

    so how did you do in the doubles?
    no I was yoshi and you were Olimar on yoshi's island. My mind avoids all possible mindgames:)

    I was hoping you would win, corny but true.
    hey, are you the guy that i only got one kill on by edge hogging against your olimar?
    AZ is coming you guys have to come now your like 3 feet away from my house. Seriously I live right at the edge of El Paso so its easy to find housing.
    Hi Kash. I haven't been on the Wolf Boards long enough to remember you, but I started the Wolf Back Room social group, and some people there were wondering if you were going to stay on the boards for a while, and told me to invite you, so I did. I hope you join, your opinions will be valued.
    allrite seems like your mind is set.but if you change it, let me know.were always accepting new members
    benefits?well one of them is that you get to meet new friends that have something big in common with you:a lovw for wolf
    hey you seem like a wolf mainer.and it looks to me like you havent joined a social group yet.so whach waiting for?join the o'donnel vlan.we need members like you.dont hesitate to act.send me a message soon
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