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  • Hey this is Darrell from normal, coming down in sheridan's car with 3 others. We would really like to find housing and would greatly appreciate it. My number is 5103296707. Our driver Sheridan is 4157172133. Please call with any notification. Thanks you
    Haha I was just being random, everything sounds good right now, although Kyle and I would be down if there are any frat parties on Saturday...
    I have family down in San Diego and visit there every once in a while. If you guys are ever having a smashfest around that time, I'll do my best to make it.
    Used to be when I was an undergrad. Moved to LA for grad school and have been here for 2 years :bee:
    hey dude im korean! lol but were you able to figure out if you have room for me or is it not gonna work out
    I was thinking about going to WGF actually.

    Hah, if I go and can't find housing, mind if I house at your place? I'll try to find a ride and everything as well.
    Hey, I never really thanked you for housing me during Pat's House. I also... never really formally introduced myself. x_x

    Thanks a lot.

    Yeah, this 'thank you' was really late... I don't really have any excuses. :laugh:
    what's your house address?

    pm if you want i guess haha

    we're probably leaving at 5:30 or so, so we'll get there late in the morning
    alright so it's 100% confirmed me, super rad brian, sheridan, alan, and shroomed

    is housing still a go?

    so consider this being our car officially asking for housing =]
    it's most likely me, sheridan, brian, alan, and dajuan
    anyway that'd be tight if you could
    Ahh! Your avatar is that cursed Japanese doll that if you look into its face in real life you die.

    The power of Christ compels you!
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