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  • LOL JENS, last time i drank with the smash community they........wait no im not saying.
    Sup man,

    Yeah why did you get cut from the Brawl backroom? I'm curious because I'd like to be a part of the backroom someday.
    I'll never be an incredible player simply because I can't use gamepads properly.
    I have a defect on my joints, and playing with a gamepad makes my fingers react slower (and burn like the fires of hell).

    I play better with a Tournament Stick.
    I haven't played him in a while, but some of our matches (in those I tried) were close, like last hit close.
    I've seen quite a few douchebags who still were polite.
    In a very cold and distant way. But still polite.

    I'm similar to that, actually. I only warm up to people I like, but usually I'm a rather distant and cold person. That comes off in real life far clearer because my voice and body language is lost on the internet. I've been so cold and distant to my former boss that he actually started to dislike me, but he could never fire me because of that. :p

    Look - I'm not asking you to treat anyone like a king or lick their boots. You can behave however you want, I don't care at all. I'm just trying to explain to you why it would be beneficial for you to stop being a flamethrower. Especially considering you're insanely hypocritical, as well, what with demanding people treating you like a prince but pooping in everyone's face in return.
    If you don't take my advice, it's your decision, just don't be surprised if your reputation sinks even further.
    So let me get your point correctly.
    What you are asking for is "They should give me respect, but I will never ever pay them respect and insult them!".

    There's a difference between respecting them as someone to look upon to, and respecting them in a polite manner. I am speaking of the latter. I'm not saying that you should treat everyone like they are royals. What I want to tell you is that there is a certain unwritten codex of how someone should behave towards other people, it's called "manners".
    Those manners are a great achievement in society, because they will allow people to treat each other in a human and respecting way, without exaggerating or being hurtful. If you are polite and don't insult or attack people all the way, it'll be a start. You don't have to agree with them or think they're awesome, you just should stop attacking them - especially personally - and not being spiteful.
    If you continue behaving like this, you will never ever be taken into a job, especially not one where you have to handle customers, because if you already insult your possible future boss in the job interview, you won't leave a good impression at all.
    See, and that's where your Victorian personality comes into play.

    YOU don't want to make friends online, YOU don't think that discussing online should be taken seriously, etc.
    Others, however, do not think so. You should respect their opinions and personal tastes or preferences.
    Noone forces you to join discussions online if you think they're vain or silly, after all.
    There's a few reasons why taking the virtual world seriously - at least at certain times - is beneficial.

    Think of it that way: People you don't know in RL will not want to talk or get to know you since they think that you're a jerk offline as well. Might be true or not, I don't know you offline, so I can't judge it.
    Furthermore, discussing or interacting online is not laughable or stupid. I have made very tight friends through the internet, people I would trust more than a lot of people I got to know personally. Most of them I met since I got to know them, some not yet, but I intend to.
    If you intend on meeting these people offline (and I suppose you do at least in the European cases), you should respect them and not hurt their feelings. Behaving bad online will shed a bad light on you and make you unliked before you even got into personal contact with these people.

    To give you a perfect example. In the German Smash community, there's a player who - actually similarily to what you did - trolls and flames a lot, puts out only attacks, attacks the person themselves instead of their points, etc.
    He went to a tournament. Absolutely nobody wanted to talk to him, and he said not a single word the entire tournament. A friend who met him there shaked his hands out of politeness, but went to wash his hands the second they were finished. And all based on his online behaviour.

    The internet has become a serious way of communicating and has overtaken telephone and letters by far now.
    Yes, I do. At least in some cases. Sometimes I laugh about them, sometimes I don't give a crap. Depends on the situation.
    I was disappointed in you since you seemed to lay off your behaviour a few months ago when I announced Dolls War, and you even were very nice.

    I dunno what infected you, but suddenly you start trolling and flaming again, and thus I was disappointed in you, because I knew you could act differently, too.
    I'm not angry either, just disappointed. Although there are moments when my patience has reached its borders. You were dangerously close to this point.
    2 things:
    1.) I accept your apology. Luckily, I'm a person who doesn't hold grudges for long (unless the person flames it up again), so I'll prolly forget it as time passes, if you give me no reason to not forget it.

    2.) The problem you have is that you have several character traits that make people dislike you. For once, it's your arrogancy and cockyness. Then you tend to not use reasonable points or explain your thoughts, but just attack the opinions of others, and act like your opinion is the only correct one. Posting something like "you have no idea about XY" or similar things is a so called "killer phrase" and cuts off the willingness of people to discuss with you. Last but not least, you are - or at least seem to be - Victorian and petty. You ride on details even if they don't matter, don't allow any thought experiments, and don't let any new or contrary opinions come to the surface, disregarding them as stupid without even any investigation if they are legit points or not.

    If you can work on your behaviour in discussions and personal interactions, you can better yourself, and probably will be a far more accepted member of the community, and maybe get back into the BBR.
    Well since you live in the netherlands you have the best requirements to get good at Melee, you should definitly try, it's fun.
    Yeah I allready heared about that, I'll definitly try to be there. Even though I'll mostly go for Melee :)
    Nah, probably not. I'd like to but most of my crewmates can't go and I don't feel like travelling alone.
    one day

    i woke up

    at lunchtime

    and i heard a funny sound

    went out

    to the backyard

    and found out

    jens was sexy and played me aight

    with his metaknight
    Mijn god kk miguel heeft hele scene gedaan haha :D wellicht wachtwoord moeten veranderen straks. anyway heb beetje druk nu met werk en smash :D ik zet binnekort wel weer een smashfest zie maar of je kan

    Hmm was nog bij miguel toen ik dat zei =o/ maarja kom gewoon volgende week in zaandam langs we spreken wel af nog
    Lol jumpman dat was faab die per ongeluk op mij acount poste..
    Hij bedoelde kom maar bij hem langs sorry =p
    wollah jumpman niks te doen volgende week, kom gewoon smashen dan kan ik beetje zien hoe goed jij bent geworden.
    That was Cato, and I know that it's a funny phrase.

    Cato supposedly ended each and every of his speeches with it, even if it didn't have to do with Carthage.
    Diddy has a lot of potential. The metagame of Diddy has only started evolving properly recently. I think he has the potential of becoming one of the best characters in the game, and it might take a while, but I think that he might be able to overcome most of his disadvantageous matchups and make them into even ones (Luigi, for instance).
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