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  • Als je 1 maand eerder was geweest. =[ Ze doen nu echt niet meer, voor niemand. Laat Ryuker premium kopen. =p
    Just realised that I missed to write the important, lol.

    I will try to contact Rebaz and Izaw also.
    But how does it sound, do you guys wanna share a room?

    Heard that you and Zgetto are planning to attend to Genesis.
    Good ****!

    Really cool that more europeans will make it.

    I was just wondering about if you also are gonna stay at the hotel?

    "Single: $52.00 USD (One Queen sized bed)
    Double: $62.00 USD (Two Queen sized beds)
    Executive: $62.00 USD (One queen sized bed and a pull out couch)
    Suite: $78.00 USD (One King sized bed, cough, bar/kitchen, lots of floor space)"

    But the manager won't charge for more then one person, so ofc Armada and I want to share the room to get it cheaper.

    yoooo when I'm over at Fabians house for ESA we definitely gotta do some falco dittos haha

    You're Adam right?
    Hey, Join the Ragnaroks Impact. We are a SSBB clan/crew. It would be very much appreciated.
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