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  • Not personally, but I had a long talk with him via VMs. It was very inspiring. And he showed me a cool band, too.
    Well some of them I had some talks with, or I posted in a thread they posted in and/or created. I don't really care, though. If it makes them happy, why not.
    A few people I befriended myself, like, I dunno, Reflex for instance. But the majority are people who sent the requests to me.
    In Brawl's beginning there literally were only the 4 first named players, and the few Melee players who also joined our Brawl events at Smashfests. The community's been growing quite a bit during the last few months, though. If there's a big tournament in Austria, it might get an amazing boost.

    Also, I do hope that my hosting abilities will get known. I'm a very concerned host and usually I'm not someone who's losing his head. I take my time to get everything started and prepared, as well. I've hosted smaller events before, usually inside of bigger events like conventions, and they all were well recieved albeit disorganized (due to the lack of help and not many TV stations available).
    I'm very confident regarding my abilities to host something big and keeping an overview, as long as I have the assistance of other people.
    That'd be Gheb, LP, me, Serpit being semi-active, and a few people who are not really known or Melee-players who also play Brawl. I'd say, all around, Vienna comes to about ... 15-20 players.
    So I heard, as well.
    The location most likely will be in Vienna (at least I'll try to have it in Vienna), you have fast food restaurants, pizzerias as well as Chinese and Turkish restaurants and takeaways all over the place.

    Of course, the fee will be higher than of usual tournaments which have no direct housing and such. But I think it'd be worth it. :3
    Yup. Youth Hostels are indeed cheap, and considering the fact you have a kitchen, sanitary equipment and, most importantly, included housing, it'd be definitely one of the best choices.
    Furthermore, they usually are easily accessible and have lots of space and TVs.

    Smashers are used to sleep in the most inhumanly possible ways - like, on the floor of dirty venues with lots of noise going on etc. Having just to go a few steps to get to a bed is actually not that stupid. XD
    lol, thanks. And yea, I heard that he did a good job. Glad it worked out so well. I really hope I can make a tournament in the size of CiB here in Vienna soon. Unfortunately, I only have a rather small location found so far. It has no fee/rent, but it's in a bar, so it has only limited access during certain daytimes and, of course, you'd have to have people buy their drinks and snacks there for big monehz.

    I've actually thought of perhaps renting a youth hostel, where housing and breakfast are automatically included in the fee. I dunno yet.
    I know it's better to experience them, I'm not dumb. <_<
    I'd still say that my knowledge of several Mid and Low Tier characters is higher than most of the other SBRoomers.
    You can have knowledge about characters and options without having experienced high level play directly. Also, I can watch videos too, y'know.

    And yes. I intend to host a big event with international attendance and making the Austrian Brawl community bigger. I'm currently looking for a proper location. The German community isn't that much bigger (in relation, at least), but Cologne is Brawling still had a huge attendance and was pretty much international.
    Well, for once, I was added to gain experience and information from the big TOs of the States in order to host a big event. Austria's Brawl community is small.
    Furthermore, I have a high knowledge about Mid and Low Tiers (they interest me quite a lot), thus can give a lot of input regarding these. Of course, I know quite a lot about High Tiers too, haha. Except for Pit. I hate Pit.
    Yea, I saw it down there, heh.

    It really all depends on the When and How. I'm willing to travel, though date and costs are pretty much the most major factors currently.
    Haha, yeah trash talk like that always happens on the boards, but IRL people are more chill :)
    I'd say I'm actually a quite nice person IRL lol.
    Speaking of Marc: We should definitly do some sort of SBR-B meet-up at the next international tournament, like the US BRoomers did at Genesis, that would be fun.
    Yeah, and I hope we'll get better along in person than we did on the boards in the past lol.
    Yeah would be cool.
    Just talk to me if you recognize me at a tournament, at Brawl tournaments I'm one of the guys who plays Melee, you'll surely notice me :p
    On the last day Gheb told me who you are, but we left pretty early so I didn't get the chance to ask for a few matches (I hardly played freeplay matches anyway, and most of the few matches I did were melee :p)
    I'm not sure if I'm going to ZEST4 tho, I'm interested, but it's only 1 day and I don't know if it's wort to travel such a long distance.
    lol i remember plaing you on gamebattles, you were pretty nice and i think ive seen you at a smashfest, arent you like related to melee1?
    Zou je nu ook een paar potjes kunnen doen? Dan voegen we elkaar wel toe op msn en dan kun je direct zeggen wat er beter kan/anders moet ;)
    GGs... Sorry dat ik weer zo snel weg moest (eten)... Op SmashNL ben ik eigenlijk al een tijd niet meer geweest trouwens XD


    Ik zat de jouwe al te zoeken... Wat is het?:p (waarom heb je hem niet gewoon in je profiel staan trouwens?)
    ramzeh ik ben
    smashfest keertje ben gegaan
    en je hoeft al niet meer te komen :( je hebt me pijn gedaan q.q
    Probably the same reason I made a pokemon simulator and I don't play pokemon.

    (I do get to play smash though, just not that regularly.)
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