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  • I like your Sheik a lot more than the other chars, so stick with her. Mmmkay...
    1. Charge needles after you take his stock! WTF?
    2. Use needles moar. Needle him on the way down from a SH and JC grab him. Needle from platforms (reverse-needling if necessary) and drop down fair.
    3. JC grab. If you need more range, dash-attack-cancel grab (I believe this is called a boost grab).
    4. Jab->JC grab. Use it, and tech chase him better! Try to tech-chase by reaction.
    5. Overall movement is a bit whack. Spot-dodging is good, but I think your use of it was a bit excessive. A better falcon would bait that and do naughty things to you. It seemed like the entire match was you evading his predictable approaches and punishing him.
    6. Learn to attack shields. He hardly shielded, but I think you probably need to practice that anyway. You can land a SHFFL'd fair low and jab->JC grab, space retreating SH fairs, space bairs, and stuff like that.
    7. Do tricksy stuff like dash at them, WD back, and then dash back at them and do something. Bait him and stuff.
    8. Never just drop your shield! There's always something better to do. Jump out of it and waveland onto a platform if there's one directly above you, do an attack OoS, wavedash OoS. Wavedash OoS is awesome if your opponent does a laggy attack and you're out of shield-grab range. Wavedash OoS-> JC grab is awesome, especially against that butthole marth who thinks his sword range will save him from Sheik's wrath.
    9. There's more to edge-guarding than d-smashing, yo. Grab the ledge and drop down bair or nair, run off and fair, throw needles and then drop down and fair, etc. You didn't really have too many chances to edge-guard, but keep this shiz in mind.
    10. ???
    11. Profit!
    I hope this helps, brohan.
    Lol, np. Yeah, I attended Genesis. Too rapetacular. Yeah, I wanted to see SS vs. Darkrain too :(
    At least SS ***** Hax in crews. Falcon dittos are too gewddd
    Okay, Falcon I haz moar XP with. First of all, like I said last time, be less predictable! DD camp a lot more and bait for grabs. Use SHFFL'd nairs a lot more too, and be quick enough to gentleman right after in case you hit his shield and he tries to grab. Practice getting those bread and butter combos (stomp->knee, nair->knee, and all that good stuff). The last combo was nice, but I'd like to see that a lot more. Nair->grab at low percents. Work on edgeguarding. That Marth (no offense intended) didn't have a very good recovery, but you still definitely need to work on that. Watch the way SS/Darkrain edgeguard Marth. Force them to upB onto the stage and reverse knee, jump on stage and waveland back on the ledge, and do other stuff like that. You can even run off and do a FFed knee (not the safest, but it can **** people up).

    Main stuff: combos, SHFFL'd approaches and gentleman shield pressure (roll away afterward if you still hit shield), edgeguarding stuffz, predictability (DD all day). Keep up the good work.
    I wish I still played G&W so that I could give you better advice, but I've moved on to spacies (lame, I know). The only thing I can really say is that you were very predictable. The majority of the match was you doing a bunch of aerials (which were spaced fairly well for the most part), but that's about it. If your opponent were better you would've been baited and punished for such predictable play. Try stuff like approaching with a short-hop, wave-landing back and then doing an attack/grab/whatever (on occasion, of course). I don't recall you getting very many grabs in, if any. Mix it up, play better people (if possible), and record more matches so that I may better critique (preferable not G&W).
    : ( im sorry, i havnt playd brawl in like 4 months. Go ahead and take my spot? :D
    yo krohn can u brawl right now? my brawl fc is 2836-5262-7837. i've already registered ur brawl fc. just get online once u read dis message n brawl me.
    i forgot why i posted this message:chuckle: i think itz something abot me fighting somebdy in a clan to join i forgot the name of the clan..can you remind me.
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