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    Is it possible to attend a tournament but not to compete?

    I mean you could just participate for fun. What I say is you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, and could be a good learning experience to get better. There are also twitch streams that host tournaments that you can check out online. Wether they'll let you watch in person or not depends on...
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    Why is weed illegal?

    I get the bigger picture, but I'm looking at it from my own perspective. Driving while high is a lot different than driving while drunk. I know not everybody will have the same tolerance as I do, but here is what I don't want: Getting pulled over for something completely unrelated to me...
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    Too much gsp decrease per loss

    If it was up to me, I would do away with the whole GSP system, and implement something a little more simpler and old school per say. I would implement a simple 3 category leader board system (FFA, Team, 1v1) and have it go by points in a simple ladder system. For example, you match make and...
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    He's the worst character in the game because his recovery is abysmal, and there isn't a close...

    He's the worst character in the game because his recovery is abysmal, and there isn't a close 2nd. Yes his ground game is pretty good, but I wouldn't even say he's top 10 in that, so it doesn't really make up for his recovery.
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    So what does everyone think of the plant??

    Its too early to call this character broken, a lot of his moves and aerials are slow at times and his projectiles have high punish potential. Most of the time I see this character getting smoked by small and fast characters. Similar to K rool I think plant has a noob stomping moveset but...
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    General Tips For Pikachu

    Is there any good kill confirm moves for pika? I know obviously downB is a good kill confirm after an up throw, but its risky and has high punish potential. I'm just looking to be a little more versatile with pikachu because I went to a tournament with pikachu and after a few successful rounds...
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    The Future of Data Collection - What Should be Done?

    Love that this is brought up. I am a graduate in this field of study. To answer your first question, yes it is very intrusive and unfortunately not right now there is nothing we can do about it. The FCC back in June of 2017 has repealed the net neutrality laws that prevent our ISP's from...
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    Why are people being taught to love socialism and communism?

    People need to realize the difference between socialism and democratic socialism. Democratic socialists, unlike regular socialists, also believe in democracy and democratic principles. They are by no means proponents of authoritarian government systems many of people associate socialism with...
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    Why is weed illegal?

    It became legal in my state of michigan recently, and I am a consumer myself and still hate the fact that it went legal. Before it became legal we needed to have a med card, and I would go all the time to get some good stuff. Now since it became legal, they shut down all of the dispensaries...
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    2.0.0 Patch?!

    I am disappointed that K rool got nerfed. His neutral B is probably terrible now.
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    2.0.0 Patch?!

    I don't get why people want chrom nerfed. His recovery is borderline aweful, which makes up for it by having a versatile arsenal. Also nobody can figure out exactly what should even be nerfed on this character. Against good ledge guard players, he gets exposed, I think Ike is better.
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    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    Mod Edit: Image removed due to inappropriate joke
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    Do the 64 and Melee veterans have outdated and/or inaccurate portrayals?

    I didn't look at this whole thread, so I don't know if its been said but Jigglypuffs ultimate makes no sense really. The only time we really saw a giant jigglypuff is from the first season in the anime where the crew visited The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis, where pokemon were dressed in what...
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