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Recent content by IKE_Angel

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    Why do some of my custom brstms glitch and crackle up on Brawl?

    this thread helpped me so muuch you have no clue
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    What type of Smasher are You?

    you should redo this and add thing like the CP system the advanced techs mindgames tourneys locals nationals ally M2k DSF locations character choices counter characters things to bring it more into 2009
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    [inb4****] a Brawl+ Combo Video

    4/5 could of used more diversity
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    Whip Of Terror : A ZSS Combo Video

    no combos in brawl but it was good
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    Wanna Play Sometime

    Wanna Play Sometime
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    can't you have brawl to >.<
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    You Need Your Rest: A Jigglypuff Rest Video

    its okay nothing to special or anything that excites
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    Play with Honor , Make Brawl Fun - With Some Thoughts from Mew2King

    this game wasn't ment to be fun they'res players who have fun pissing the **** out of you just got deal with it
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    you've gotten better XD

    you've gotten better XD
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    not really lmao

    not really lmao
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    do i know you ??

    do i know you ??
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    Character Rankings List - Post-March 2010

    o.O wtf why start a bunch of **** that you have to lie to ***** you don't know me
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    Character Rankings List - Post-March 2010

    this list only makes people want to play as high ranked characters i've beaten a **** load of MKs and Snakeepoos with my lone ike so u know what **** OFF
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