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  • I honestly really really hate Mello. I get the dark/light dichotomy but in their attempt to create a borderline psychopath, edgy version of L the writers just created this vampy borderline transvestite that looks like he walked out of the party of a latter-day Final Fantasy game. His whole characterization, beyond a woefully untouched "he does bad guy things BUT HE'S LIKE A GOOD GUY SO ORIGINAL" is that he eats chocolate and has criminals in his employ that would never ever take him seriously. And this isn't a cultural thing either, because you know who totally DID sell me on maniacal, psychopathic fervor? ****in' Kira's prophet guy, Teru (SAKUJO). The actor, writing, story, everything about that character totally killed it.

    Anyways, Mello. It's a shame of course because there's a great parallel in that Mello is trying to catch Kira and yet both Kira and Mello are trying to do something they see as good/important with ethically gruesome methods.

    Near is kinda... I go back and forth. It's really, REALLY hard to swallow (like damn near impossible) that the U.S. government would form a whole agency and throw it behind the leadership of a like 14 year old kid. I mean, the Japanese police had a hard enough time taking "L" seriously and he was actually a grown man with an impeccable and legendary track record.

    At the same time I do kinda like the thematic nature of it... I mean by the end of it Near's what, like 19? And he's still a helpless kid that plays with toys. It's that Michael Jackson Effect or some ****, where a person who had their childhood stolen from them clings to it with pathological neediness.

    Feh. The best thing about latter-day Death Note is the music as always and Matsuda's character development after
    the Chief buys it and Matsuda caps the shooter
    . Oh, and Aizawa. Dude's the man.

    I have a conceptual problem too though, it's like. This is L. He's the ****in' man. He has the whole freaking world's worth of people to choose from for successors, and he just so happens to choose two people that are 1. Also genius orphans and 2. Children

    Wouldn't there be infinitely better candidates out there? Experienced detectives with L and Watari's guidance in improving their craft would run circles around someone like Mello. I have yet to hear a satisfying answer for this... closest I've heard someone come is that recruiting a non-orphan would make it possible for someone to deduce the identity of the new L because their disappearance from regular life would leave a trace. Yeah I dunno. Dem mixed feelins.

    What's liar game about
    So out of curiosity how did you feel about Mello/Near

    Words literally cannot described the mixed nature of my ambivalence
    Nothing much, just work and games. It's amazing how much more free time you have without a computer.I got some things done that I've told myself I'd get around doing but never did.

    BTW Comp is fixed but I have to pick it up.
    oh **** son

    you told me to listen to murs right? i remember you showing me a song of his (i THINK it was murs) and i was like meh. but recently i discovered that hes done collaborations with 9th wonder whos one of my favorite producers so i dont have to worry about him being weak on beats
    I watch TV sometimes and last time I made Facebook I got bombarded by messages and people I don't even like because they wanted to increase how many friends they had; afterwards I deleted.
    What are you talking about? I used an exclamation point. That's the most enthusiasm I've shown about anything in years.
    No computer for awhile. It broke on me, and I don't have the money to buy a new one or replace the one I have atm. So I'm just going to be on my PS3 for the time being.
    TIL the dutch word for 'glasses' and 'toilet seat' are the same. WHAT THE HELL MAN, WHAT THE HELL!
    I'd take out revival rose and put in Mystic Tomato personally, it allows you to go into nearly every card in your deck.

    The other big thing is you REALLY want Call. I cannot stress this enough, call is an amazing card for that deck. Chaining to MST to get Necro Fleur is way too plus, but more importantly getting back a Sorciere from the grave is too good because im sure you know sorciere gets it's effect whenever it's summoned.

    Granted the only thing i can really think of removing from the deck would be Violet Witch >.>

    sometimes i feel like brand new and other times i want to be a total fruitloop bobbing my head to passion pit
    It put my hopes up with starting with the rocket scene.

    Which is where the manga ends.

    Then it went backwards... :|
    And yah, I hope S3 is the last. B)


    The thing is that Greece BROKE that trust big time in 2006. 2006 was the smoking gun and the EU had time to peddle out of that liability before it came back to bite them. There's trust and all that, but when you are desperate enough to do something like that then I wouldn't put up with that. Black market man. So many red flags.
    And then US investment banks ie Goldman Sachs went to Greece and offered to sell it derivatives. People who sell derivatives don't even know exactly what it is they are selling, but it's basically so complicated and no one knows what it is that allows them to scam people into buying them with false hopes that it'll turn a profit. Greece being desperate cashed in big time and let themselves literally get incinerated when they were already being burned. And then the Euro continues to leave Greece in there, as if it's not big deal to leave a guy completely on fire in your house and you're just letting him chill and make himself comfortable all over the damn place.
    To be candid, I'm not even talking in retrospect here, but Europe ****ed up big time with the Euro. When they discovered that Greece was cooking the ****ing books back in 2006 by boosting their gross domestic income with black market deals... like literally putting in the sale of babies as a part of their annual transaction, you should seriously kick that country out of the union without question.
    But yeah, I'm going to probably wait until half of S3 is finished, then watch it for the sheer insanity. Wait for the series to finish, then finish it up after I've come up with a few ideas about how it could all turn out, but be wrong because this show is an absolute mind ****.
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