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#HBC | ZoZo
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  • You live in Holland!? That's so awesome. I'm jealous.

    Bikes aren't really huge in Canada, so it's hard to get around in them. Everything is too far apart to get anywhere on a bike. For me, anyway.
    Sounds cool. What kind of biking do you do? I only ride my bike occasionally, because it's really old.

    And yeah, I have lots of spare time on my hands. I finished university in June, and I'll graduate in October. I guess I'll take a year off because I'm so poor now. :p
    The last case is really long though. Eventually it picks up, but it takes a while to get it started.
    Haha, oh Larry. Poor guy.

    And the judge. Especially in the case with Angel Starr. She brings him box lunches. Too funny.
    I know! His objections always scared the crap outta me. Edgeworth is intimidating, but von Karma is plain scary. :bee:
    April May is scary.

    But yeah, I know what you mean. Gumshoe is another one of my favourites.
    Haha, fair enough. The only thing that really pulls me in are the characters. I found them very entertaining. The rest of it, I can take it or leave it.

    But I do enjoy Ema Skye. She's a much better sidekick than Maya.
    You want answers?
    I think I'm entitled to them.
    You want answers?
    I want the truth!
    You can't handle the truth
    Cool hoor:


    Had ff een shoutout op de forums geplaatst waar jij ook bij stond, heb geen idee wie je ook alweer bent :p...maar spreek je!
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