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  • Jeez Woody, your puff is too much **** lol @_@ GGs earlier
    BTW are you going to show me some of your replays?
    oh yeah send me replays now. But tell me when u send them because sometimes my wii wont be hooked up because ill be playing 360
    yeah it seems to have a mind of its own... its def not suited for recording long things but short brawl matches it can handle.
    no. The biggest problem is my capture card is messed up. When I move, I may still get back into the Brawl scene if i can find anyone decent to play offline with. But i dont know. It's best this way really. I'm taking my last two classes and ill be done with my bachelors, then moving on to masters. I can't say if i'll have the time or not, I hope so. By then i will get another capture card though because I enjoy making videos.
    my capture card is messed up, i got a 360 and really can careless about brawl now. Don't send me anything as my wii isnt even hooked up.
    i didnt get the replay of the ****ty basic brawlers, just got a falcon and a puff one vs samus :(
    Ok well as long as u are down for it, and willing to pay what i had mentioned, i'll pick u up. If u could send me an address that would be the best bc then i could just type it into my GPS. I'm pretty excited for this tourney bc it's the last one of the season before the new power rankings come out. Btw, if u need to stop at the bank to take out more cash, just let me know.. we could do that.
    Hey, i sent a private message to your inbox detailing Saturday's trip. Please get back to me on here as soon as u get the chance. I need to know if you're still going.
    haha, you read my mind dude.. i was gonna hit u up asking for your cell number. mine is 484-515-9140. See you tomorrow!
    yeah man i'm definitely excited. I'm not quite sure where u are talking about w/ that car wash, i might have to drive over that way. i'm assuming it's in the opposite direction from the 78/22 entrance
    "Life... Dreams... Hope... Where'd they come from? And where are they headed? These things... I'm going to destroy!"

    ^correct translation
    yeah im vaguely familiar with it. i kno of the wawa that is on rt 100 and shantz rd. is that the one? it's near a sunoco i believe.
    Alrighty dude, I'll see if there's any other people that also need partners but you're at the top of my list for now.
    yeah sorry bro.. i had prior arrangements for that. you'll have to let me know sometime where i'm picking u up at btw.
    Unfortunately i won't be able to team with u bc my crew mate asked me to team for this DSO back when it was announced. :-/
    you'll make it rain in my car huh? lmao.. i'm not quite sure how to take that. hahaha.. but yeah i can pick u up.
    the cf one was real wifi-y, and he didn't even know how to punish =/ you really want that one up?

    I'll put marth and snake up tho
    no it wasnt me because i cant dash dance with the wiimote. i use wiimote when doing basic brawl, because if i use gamecube too much it hurts my wrists so i save gamecube for 1 on 1s.
    hey woody i sent you 2 replays. The first one was how this Ike kept bullying player 4. It was like that for 3 matches and I started to feel sorry for player 4. In the 2nd match player 4 went peach and the ike went to **** him/her, so I finally got pissed and took matters into my own hands. I was using wiimote btw, which is why i couldnt really do u-tilt that well. God I hate seeing little kids get bullied on basic brawl unless they're causing ****. =/
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