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DtJ Jungle
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  • add me on msn XD


    if you dont have msn give me your email XD
    kk nvm.

    my windows movie maker keeps crashing everytime i importone match i give

    sorry for the late response well i already got one.

    im making a short combo video for myself.

    combos that are just slapped together XD

    how did you get videos off youtube to make Raynex's video?

    if you have a program your using and that can be dlable, please tell me and i

    will heart you from the rest of your smash career =DDDDD
    you can if you want haha.

    though were not forcing you too XD

    but yeah i need more training, my Link still sucks =(

    Hi KK.

    we will try to hold something for sure.

    add me on msn Christianbacquel@live.com

    if you dont have msn im planning to get AIM asap so yeah haha.

    but yeah thier should be a tourney soon like in montreal, though im not sure

    if i can go since im only 16 andstill a growing boy =D

    so i just got home from a tourney and i came 9th out of like 40+

    all Link =DD

    come up to canada..

    I will try if I get a chance, I'm on vacation with no GIMP:(
    Also, u mentioned 3 names but there are 4 characters or did I read wrong?
    I think Sheik vs Falco is even or about even; I could see someone arguing it either way. Because I don't know who wins I take the politically correct approach (ie. I chicken out) and say they're both winners :laugh: But you need to play it very... strangely... as Sheik to make it even IMHO.

    I used to think CC ***** her but now I see the beauty of platform camping and Bair/Nair. It's also very possible to tech chase Falco repeatedly with regrab from reaction and boost grab so it's not hard to do 35%+ from grab either to keep up with him.
    He used to be a lot better at it but then he retired and I got a lot better. I used to 2-stock him mostly (2-4cgs and 1-2 gimps usually, he'd get 2 kos from Dair --> cg or something silly and gay) but he's now struggling to take a single stock which is imho kind of fail.

    He seems okay vs Falco sometimes because he practices powershield a lot and because he does dumb things like CG when they're over like 50 (if he grabs) and then kills them at like 104 in a really dumb way like D-throw --> F-tilt or some crap. Fox game is inconsistent.

    Falco/Sheik is silly. I find spamming Nair (or not even OoS all the time either; just full jump Nair or SH Nair spam) and Bair (<3 Soap for showing me Bair spam) and needles as Sheik with absolutely no strategy actually superior to spacing things. And meanwhile Falco does 40% to me per hit. </3 Falco.
    I need to make my brother secondary Falco so I can get good at that matchup. He mains Ganon atm but I'm trying to see if he'll use top tier for Sheik because I don't think that matchup (rightly or wrongly) is really possible for Ganon at top level...
    tbh I have a feeling I'm going to wind up using Fox for Falcon, Puff, Ic, and Fox dittos (on some stages; namely FD, Pokemon, and stupid ones). And then Sheik for literally everything else. Marth, Peach, Falco, etc. I don't know who to use vs Falco though, I'm really inconsistent at it.
    I think I'm going to be amazing because I'm going to main Fox soon if I can get him sufficiently better. Because Fox is like tinkerbell on speed.
    I wish RaynEX would play with me more. I really hate that our games are never really close. It's always **** one way or the other. I think if we played more they'd be closer and much more fun to play.
    I'm probably just ********.

    I find Fox really hard to pressure on Dreamland and FD though.
    Yo, shining Marth out of his Up+B is so amazing it makes me feel sensual and sexual.

    RaynEX 3-stocked me on Dreamland a lot and it took me like 4 games before I could get him down to last stock and then another 5 before I could beat him but then didn't win any games on Yoshi's Story out of like 10. I guess I have a new Fox counterpick stage >__>

    Is it weird that I don't think Yoshi's is bad for Sheik vs Fox? Or, rather, better than Dreamland?
    LOL yeah.

    I've also been procrastinating sending you stuff because I got pool sets (the bracket flopped because people left but pools is nice and no money lost 'cuz it was friendly tourney) with a bunch of people recorded (notably RaynEX + like 20 friendlies with him) and like 100 matches with I.B recorded (me as Fox, him as Marth, Sheik, and Fox) when we were high and I am magical.

    So... yeah. Forget combo vid on birthday. I'd rather have the new footage come out 'cuz a lot of it is better (like, it ***** what I was going to use rather badly) than anything on Youtube anyways lolz. My Fox is sick when I'm high. But I dash attack too much when Marth is over 120 lolz.

    I wish I.B would chain grab in friendlies though. He needs to be gayer with Marth in friendlies and become one with the U-throw --> U-throw combo.
    lol oh man.

    I had like 20 people over for smash (limit is supposed to be 8), got high with them, played on the main floor (we're supposed to be in the basement), forgot to clean up the basement (because we were in there too), and those are the light things.


    I'm alive but I'm basically under house-arrest.
    LOL well, if it makes you feel better, I literally just broke every rule in my dad's house in the past 48 hours and will probably be killed for it. Look me up on the Internet in a few weeks :bee:

    Silly herbs... and my lack of memory capacity. I guess I just fail LOL.
    Kso lemme start by saying this is supposed to be just lulz so a song that embodies lulz is paramount to its successs. I also don't want this to be long either, I'm not very good, I don't have many good clips, just a few, so we'll go with those. So just one song or one song + credits song.

    ATM my contact power is limited due to this comp being bad but as soon as I get the other replaced I will get on AIM and we can talk. In the meantime I'll highlight clips.
    Help me make a combo video for me.

    I want it to be lulz. Not epic or serious. Just lulz. This could be my birthday present (23rd). Do it because you love me.
    it would be okay if it was just super aids but then the aids have cancer too so it's like triple fail.
    indeed it is.

    My good comp had sex with the intarwebz and has cancerous super aids. It's not going to make it (which is why I'm on this hunk of crap and not on AIM).
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