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DtJ Glyphmoney
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  • o lol, I just saw your name in Best of the Best :p Im bored so I feel like playing :p
    I so hate R.O.B., I mean I really loath that robotic *******. Someone get a magnet and kill him already.
    My Olimar says hello to your amazing comment. Do you want to Smash today or are you going to continue hiding behind your mother and sister?
    Alright, I'll add you probably tonight, then. My code if you haven't already gotten it is 1848-1338-8155.

    I mainly play Snake, Ike, and Bowser, with a little Diddy Kong and Toon Link, but I sometimes also play as Olimar, Wolf, or Ganon, just when I feel like it. I can never stick with one character.
    There was absolutely no reason for me to want to click that, so don't say it was obvious cause thats a lie!
    Oh yeah, I remember you now. D*** dude, that thread didn't even get past page 2. Bonus points again for supporting Leon.

    Maybe we can trade Brawl codes then? I've been inactive online for quite some time, so I think a few people have deleted me of their list, or something like that...
    Sure, gimme a song and I'll listen to it. By the way! I am adding Lucario to the long list of characters I can play. You should Brawl me, unless your sister is doing something, AGAIN!
    I'm sorry to say I can't remember you. Then again, I haven't been frequent here for almost a year, so I can't really remember s*** anyway.

    Uh, I guess I'm ok. My back is a little sore...but that's cause I got something wicked sweet for my birthday. I'm anxious to post it everywhere, but it's not looking the best it could...yet...

    So I guess I'll ask how do I know you, and how have you been?
    That makes no sense at all. LOL. Well you could say I'm a representattive of the business or something.

    Do you llieve near a metro stop? We should play again sometime (no, not online).
    oh, also try putting up your avatar again, whenever mine doesnt show up i add it again and it works
    Hmm do u consider ur crew as like a clan to invite u to the clan leaders socail group were we plan crew battles and clan warz. If u and ur ppls are interested.
    Hey Glyph I saw ur crew and u kno after u have members u can't change the name right?
    lol, I'm not really respected. I'm pretty sure my only blue name proposal was a joke, and the pink ones were probably jokes as well. XD
    Haha. I was offered a pink name and a blue name on various occasions, but I declined over and over. I really want a purple name. D:

    Not even for the status, I just like purple. XD
    That happened to a lot of people's avatars. MLG bought Smashboards and they shifted everything to their servers like, two days ago. A lot of people just lost their avatar. You should just go look through for a new one. I dunno why, but I guess they just didn't copy over some of the avatar files. Pretty stupid imo.

    Contribute? You realize 90% of the people there don't, right? Haha. Just come and chat it up with us. : )

    I dunno, Shiki no Uta? My favorite songz meh beh!? I actually like "The Real Folk Blues" now, so keep up hun. You should play me today, I got a new main and I wanna kick Glyph booty.
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