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DtJ Glyphmoney
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  • different time zones but yea I guess some other time. This season is actually pretty good
    Lol! I literally lol'd on the thought of you choking off a chicken bone from something I said!

    You should know that I am a master at winning arguments. Thick walls of text and talking over the other person ALWAYS get the job done.
    Oh jeeze, look who it is - Glyph - the guy who can't spell his own name. What's up amigo? Choking on my rich vocab?
    That sounded a lot cooler without the fart comment. Wario won't get near my Toon Link, Zair ftw.
    Why thank you, he who looks like a piece of white bread. Of course you do know that I'm still going to cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush the next time I see you? Just wait until I can double bow with Toon Link, I will be pwnsomer then ever. His spammy tactics are exactly what I need to beat you.
    Yeah, but when I get in trouble it's fine to do whatever again in 15 minutes. Sheesh. This is so my fault.
    Naw you isn't dude! You's a lie. You're supposed to weave not drop like a ton of bricks. Learn to Dash Attack Cancel! I mained Wario for two weeks and I learned how to, you should learn it as well.
    You FSmash after every hit. If we weren't on Wifi, I'm sure my shield would come up before that hit me.
    You can easily avoid them by NOT double jumping and then using Dair. I played someone yesterday who used Wario and it was a different story. All of our matches were extremely close like high 150s for me and 180s for him. In the end I won 3/5 but he was hard because he didn't jump into my range and i was too stupid to grab his bike.
    Not allowed to be on the Wii while your parents are away huh? Sorry for gettin' you in trouble. I is a bad boy. =/

    I have been working on my Wario match-up a lot. Pivot Grabs and Dash Atk Canceled Up Smashes pwn.
    They returned home early? Good games though.

    You know I hate that stage, I can't throw stuff and ROBs robotic crap hits me from all angles and in weird places.
    I really don't feel like playing anymore tonight. Is it okay if I change my mind? I'm sorry, just not in the mood. );
    Ahg. Fine. You are spared Peach's wrath, for now... *Ominous drum rolls and background music fade into the background.*
    It's not too bad of a class. Whether or not a class is a joke usually depends on the teacher. Our AP Stat teacher is great. Now the AP Environmental class in my school... that's a joke. And I saw your SAT grades, dang you, I only got in the 98%tile =(. But I did get a 800 on the critical reading and got in the 98%tile for writing as well. I'm actually applying to colleges nowadays and I'm taking a couple more SAT IIs in the upcoming month, one tomorrow, b/c some colleges require it. Oh, and AB is regular AP Calc, there's a level a little bit higher called BC. The BC is basically all the AB topics plus a few others. And I don't recall that game, but I believe I've seen a trailer for something that looks just like it, with Jecht and Tidus.
    That piece of scrap metal doesn't have to care that I hate it. The fact that it doesn't even has a gender says enough. You just let me know when you're ready for me to kick your *** in Smash.
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