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  • it is good, very good. i personally walk into everyone's f-smash a lot. i wouldnt stick with edge guarding with the f smash, idk why it was so succecful in that way. sorry about the olimar battle being slightly stale. i fight a guy you mains olimar. he used to destroy me. then i saw short hop into fair is usually tipper on him. ill use it as much as i can.
    i noticed same thing. counter has start-up lag on wifi i believe. rather annoying.
    i am not spiking as much anymore, i am confident with how much i use it, just need to get better. i gimped you alot which is a good sign. and a lot of you stuff i DI'd into, the d-throw combo i just DI'd out probably due to experience with other characters that use d throw combos (falco, MK, etc.)

    as i said though, your marth is better. need to use d tilt and dolphin slash better and ill be fine.
    you used a combo a lot that consisted of the fair and d-tilt. i lack to pay attention and remember thses things, so what was the combo(s) exactly?
    your marth is defiently better than the rest of your characters. im not used to your marth. my lack of experience holds me back still from winning. need to use dolphin slash and d-tilt more. your marth is better than mine right now. thanks for the matches, and we will fight again.
    very good matches. i find it hard to use dancing blades sometimes on wifi, but you were fine. might have something to do with wavebird. but we both had some really decent kills. GGs, most of them. do you have aim?
    heh heh, its ok. i need your friend code still. if there is a way to fish it out of your profile than i would like to know how.
    I wish, but unfortunately I don't have Wi-Fi. I think I'm going to get it in a few weeks and I'll tell you when I do. Thanks for asking though.
    sorry about that thing on wifi. I really wanted to battle you, because I haven't battled you in a while, but I needed to battle this guy. Bad thing about it is that I never did get to battle him yet. He told me that he fell asleep, lol. So him and I are going to battle it off today. I was thinking though that after the battles maybe you and I could finally battle again. How about it?
    Hmmm, I think you might have forgotten about the battle on wifi, lol. It's all cool.
    hey, Emblem Lord says the matchup is in Marth's favor, so hah!
    you gonna question him?
    i'm just awesome! ;p
    Well. I'm battling someone at 9:00pm and I am battling someone else at 10:00pm. Maybe we could battle at 9:30pm. Would that work for you?
    Hey, you doin a flame war or a friendly flame war, lol. Anyways, you wanna battle sometime?
    yea, my MK rocks!
    but you can't blame me for Marth.
    i almost kicked your but a couple times though. ;p
    Yeah sure, more matches sound fun. Your Marth is also really good as well, keep that in mind. ^_^
    Indeed, the amount your skill has increased by is incredible.

    Your progress is going better than expected.
    Yes that is what I meant, still learning alot. For sure we can fight, I am going to get a new cable tonight, think that is the problem.
    It may take a while.Trust me , its not you ,its just people tend to get sigs from people they are familiar with.
    I'm not sure which gif you were refering to, but thanks. :)

    As for why no one is requesting a sig; Right now there are about 11 active sig shops with even more people making sigs because of co-owned shops. So that is one thing reducing requests, another is that a lot of people go for the more established sigshops, ones that have made people wonderfull sigs in the past that give credit to them.
    But don't give up. I'm certain that you will get some requests eventually, it's always slow starting out. =)
    Indeed, I know my pikachu is a pain, i refer to him as "cheapachu." He is not me best though. He is really tough but you will get used to him when u face him enough times.
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