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  • lmfao Chris. I like how you made it in the MBRoom. I ****in' died laughing.

    Honestly, I just hxc grinned. XDDD

    Please don't ban Mute City if that ever comes up. lmfao.
    Tell you what you and everyone who bashes pichu to no end and refuses to try as him or let the few players aleast play without hearing some kind of S*** about pichu's flaws. I know for a fact you would be P***ed off if everything you played as ____ they always johned that they suck and you should give up and other BS like that.

    If he sucks so much and has no chance play as him,, hear the johns and listen to every mother F***in person tell you pichu hurts himself and he is useless, over and over again giving you no advice when you ask for help they blow you off and tell you to give up.

    If you think you can deal with everyones BS and play as him decently or better please tell me. Then once you have played and heard everyone whin for over a year you can teell me how bad he is.

    Every day I hear people bashing who I play as, is he overpowered or gay, NO. Then for the love of god stop the crap.

    try him.
    Oh yeah wavedashing has 10 frames of lag when done. Pichu's up-b has 6 frames of movement then one frame of landing lag 7 frames to move and then attack vs 10 frames of doing nothing. the frame data is better and you can't WD in midair or throught platforms
    6 frames of time were you can't do anything.. I think your wrong. I,ve checked many times it works very well. and has mush less lag and if it is predictable you can change to approaching with his B messing with their time. and you can't spot dogde right when you land so yeah. The biggest flaws are 1% and if you mess up/ abuse it
    I don't remember, I think it was steve.
    I havn't played Brawl since August lolololol
    let alone brawl+
    xD noiiice
    how much did you get?

    lol btw someone said you have a mean ROB+
    Cool it`s Stein! He`s been pretty GAR in the anime. Your name seems familiar, I think I saw a fanclub group for you... like you`re some top gamer in Canada
    LOL yea... seriously wow....

    Oh well it should be fun at least.

    I'll probably be going fox so LOL.
    maylay all day.
    yeah once i actually play someone, ill get some more up/
    ive gotten a lot better. ^_^

    XD noooo i wish i had good people around here >_<

    and yeah HD is baaaaad
    Good good. :3
    Still playing Melee even tho most of my friends quit... T_T

    Get to play some today afterschool actually... on a laggie HDTV tho. But it's better than nothing I guess. :p

    How you doessssssssssss?
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