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Recent content by DeliciousOctorok

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    The 20XX Melee Training Hack Pack (v4.07 - 7/04/17)

    I can't get P2 to hold shield. Pressing L + Left D-pad doesn't work. P2 just does nothing after pressing L + Left D-pad.
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    Immediate Escape from PK Fire -> Grab

    ripple pls
  3. D

    Immediate Escape from PK Fire -> Grab

    So I faced Ripple the Dedede player in a tournament last Saturday and he was able to get out of my grabs immediately when I tried to grab him after hitting him with PK Fire. I would like to know if this can be done consistently and what I should do to prevent it from happening. Here's the Twitch...
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    The Teachy TV: Ivysaur Video and Critique Thread

    A) You can get out of PK fire by either: 1. Buffer roll away when on the ground or 2. SDI up and out of the fire Either way, if you get hit by the fire and you aren't shielding, chances are Ness is going to follow up. B) The way I see it, what you can do is have your back to Ness when you see...
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    BRSTM Volume Help

    Oh I already use BRSTM converter. I've never tried doing more than one track at a time. How can I set one track to play during the main menu and the other to play during character select? Also, I know you can change the volume in BRSTM converter, but how can I know how much to increase the...
  6. D

    BRSTM Volume Help

    Hello. I've been trying to fix this issue with my BRSTM volume. I found a code made by Standardtoaster found here that can equalize the volume of BRSTMs when played in the game, but for some reason I haven't been able to get it to work. How do people create music packs where the music sounds...
  7. D

    Custom Song Volume

    Oh I understand what you're saying. I'm using 50 which translates to 80 but it still doesn't work. I'm pretty sure I'm just putting the code in the .gct incorrectly. I used the code in the OP and that worked, but I don't want to go through every ID for every song. I mean, I'll do that if I have...
  8. D

    Custom Song Volume

    I'm sorry I'm still confused. Should I replace the "XX" with 128 instead? I'm trying that and it's still not working. Also, am I supposed to use this code with the code in your OP? If so how do I do that?
  9. D

    Custom Song Volume

    Whenever I try to put this code into the RSBE01.gct it never loads it, but idk if I'm just putting the code in there incorrectly. What am I supposed to open the .gct with anyway? I downloaded a GCTEditor and export the .gct as a .txt file, then edit the .txt file, then convert it back to .gct...
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    Project M Social Thread Gold

    Streaming PM with SpiderMad and I: http://www.twitch.tv/spidermad
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    Project M Social Thread Gold

    http://www.twitch.tv/7an60 streaming with SpiderMad, Tango, and Itachi
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    Midwest [Aug 22, 2015] EXPosure 22 (Oak Park, IL)

    What's the official schedule for this? I know you moved UMvC3 to today and made PM and Melee much longer due to the high amount of entries.
  13. D

    Midwest [Oct 28, 2015] Wavedash Wednesday (Oak Park, IL)

    Someone asked the same question on the Chicago-land Melee Facebook page and Bobby (the owner of the venue) said there will be another meetup next week.
  14. D

    The Nu Smashboards Arena: Revival of Online - Check 1st Post!

    Alright I'll add you Ometa. I'll host.
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