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Recent content by DarkISDA

  1. DarkISDA

    Balance Patch 1.0.6 Notes

    ok then, my bad ;p
  2. DarkISDA

    Balance Patch 1.0.6 Notes

    Checked some % from the guide, unless they were changed since then, this is what I got: backthrow does 11% compared to 9 up throw does 7% compared to 8
  3. DarkISDA

    Smash Intensifies Results! [November 29th, 2014 - Montreal, Quebec]

    Awesome event, thank you David for an amazing tournament and thank you for being such a great host! My personnal accomplishment: taking a game off Ally in smash 4 :P Will improve!
  4. DarkISDA

    [Nov 29, 2014] Smash INTENSIFIES (Montreal, QC)

    Yup for today :P David told me he gave my phone number to someone that will tell me when you guys are setting up.
  5. DarkISDA

    [Nov 29, 2014] Smash INTENSIFIES (Montreal, QC)

    Techiyo here: I'd like to know when you guys are going to start install everything? I'm gonna show up and take some pictures for my school project... please? :D
  6. DarkISDA

    Okay... I just discovered something insane lol.

    I just tested, confirm for not working :/
  7. DarkISDA

    1.04 changes??

    I tested the glitch where the fruit goes super fast when Z dropping and it doesn't work anymore (unless I do it wrong, but I could do it before patch)
  8. DarkISDA

    Magnet Man's cluster of Mega Men (Mega Man Users)

    SWF Name:DarkISDA In-game Name:techiyo Nationality:Canadian WiiU Network ID:Techiyo 3DS Friend Code:2320-6197-6412 Perfered palette:regular blue Likes:lemons Dislikes: anything not lemons
  9. DarkISDA

    Show Me The Poutine 6 Results

    Nizi used Pikachu and Peach. Not marth. LOL! I also used MK sometimes, like vs KingKong.
  10. DarkISDA

    Show Me The Poutine 5 Results

    Morks: tournoi d'avant jai zero reagi quand tu mas battu :P Non serieux c'est plus pcq mes deux defaite etait juste degueulasse, jai dla misere a les digerer.
  11. DarkISDA

    Show Me The Poutine 5 Results

    I thought I was 7th. Lol. It was fun ^^
  12. DarkISDA

    Show Me The Poutine 3 Results

    TIO files corrupted + morks failing at math.
  13. DarkISDA

    Show Me The Poutine 3 Results

    Random note: god damn smashboarda is ugly now... Urg... Dislike: 1- no pools. I can somewhat understand why, but i really feel like it wasnt enough of a reason. Oh well. 2- horo. Ic's... Other than that, it was fun, it is a very cool venue (i always thought it was before and now it seems...
  14. DarkISDA

    Show Me The Poutine 2 (SMTP2)

    -____________________- let's get a new venue lol.
  15. DarkISDA

    Show Me The Poutine 2 (SMTP2)

    I'll probably be there. First week of school for me, but don't care. If works wants to make me work that day, well **** THEM! I'M COMING AND THEY ARE NOT STOPPING ME!
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