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Dark Ryu
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  • ur Xs brother...

    so wats up?

    i just read this convo you had with your brother, do you guys not live together, cus last I heard the oldest one of you is like 17 right, and thats not old enough to be out of high school so you should all still be at home. wassup widdat?

    if you do do this cross country smash road trip thing.. i was thinking the same thing and i hope I cross your path somewhere...
    hahah I know I know, lets just try our best to go to ANY possible OOS tournament, but anyways i gotta go now. Don't wanna spend my whole day in an EFFING library, haha..

    so ima try to call you if i get my hands on a phone, so ill talk to you later bro, Peace.

    p.s lets hang soon.
    Nyak, sounds like a plan! i mean i can drive and EVERYTHING (just need a license to drive legaly :p

    but if all else fails we can always tell DZLE to come with us and give us rides :D

    and yeah that sounds like a good idea, i would LOVE to go to OOS tournys and own all the nubs and david winning them all haha XD
    hahah i know!! 2009 needs to be intense with lots of girls and aids.
    so whats your crazy idea? im ALWAYS willing to do anything :D
    DRYU!! i effffffffiiiinnnnnngggg miss you also.

    Payson is just a drag and i wish i could hang with all my bros again :(((

    we need to chill. like soon, get girls and get some smash friendlies in, what do you say bro? :)

    Oh. and online doesn't prove anything besides that you know how to play with lag haha.
    Kinda. I just cropped it out of a picture of all the Falco palette swaps.
    I'm pretty sure we'll brawl someday... maybe tomorrow, but most likely my mom will use her laptop and then take away the connection.

    Mhm, but I can't on Thursday, the day I get my Christmas presents, and I obviously I won't play Brawl because I'm playing another.
    Dude you wanna play some dota?
    btw what is your dota name so i can add you
    Oh I know, my play is strictly offline friendlies or online on Allisbrawl and Gamefaqs. I don't think anyone plays Sheik in Utah so you guys might be in for a little surprise in a lil bit:).
    Really? Oh good, then nevermind then! Won't be too hard anyway. All I changed was turning off tap-jumping.
    Oh yeah...I don't think I'll want to get up and do anything that day...

    One last remark. I'm guessing we have to bring our own names if we have our own personal button config, right? I'll have to remember to transfer it to my Wii-Mote before I go to bed...
    Yeah, I know about the controller. It's a standard rule anyway.

    And I'll be sure to tell them that. Thanks for the info, dude. I'll be sure to look out for ya next week.
    Friendlies would be great. I need practice with my mains. I haven't played in FOREVER...(blame Guitar Hero and World of Warcraft.)

    But...Thursday is one of my LONG days at school...and I think I'd be willing if 5 was exactly after I left school (I get home around 4, and by that point all I want to do is eat and sleep).

    I dunno, I'll have to think about it. I may be able to come this thursday. You'll have to tell me who you are when I get there so we can practice.
    I live in Draper, at the point of the mountain, where Salt Lake County and Utah County come together.

    So, like, 5 minutes away from 12300.

    EDIT: I just realized the two links you gave me were the exact same...

    Intentional...I THINK NOT!!
    Oh don't get me wrong. I know I'm not horrible, but the tourney I went to when Melee was still going strong...wow. I just don't think I'm "that" kind of material yet. But if I have a chance...maybe. I still need to work on my game.

    But if you want to smash sometime, then by all means, let's. My semester is dying down, so NOW is the time I actually have time. And I'll check those threads out. Maybe I'll go to one. Sandy actually isn't too far away from where I am (I think it's one or two towns over).
    I haven't really been a part of the scene until recently, I'm spending most of my time either going to school or working, this is the first time I've been frequent here in a couple of months, I find myself not good enough to go to a tourney, I'm too busy...

    Take your pick. Nothing against them, but if I had more time to spare and if I was a little better, then I'd probably go to them. That, or if I knew where they were...
    No no time limit, take however long you want:). Ya I can't wait to start playing with you guys.......expect me within the next half year:)
    Allright cool. I'm looking for a sig with Sheik, Zelda, and Link all included in the sig. Preferably all in their red outfits or their standard outfits. The only words that I want is my name "Marsulas"

    You guys are really nice, I can't wait til I start driving so I can get out to some of these tournaments.
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